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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Calculator

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Calculator

So what we're going to do now is to set up your machine to program in Java and we're going to use the Eclipse integrated development environment so we can go directly to eclipse org and you'll see that there is a place to begin a download so Eclipse has in it a Java compiler so we don't need to go and get a Java developers kit the JDK if the compiler that comes with eclipse is good enough for you and it is so we will just go directly to download and unzip the eclipse integrated development environment the most recent version of Eclipse is what we will go for and there's a whole bunch of them there's a whole bunch of them and we are going to pick eclipse for java developers you don't need the enterprise edition that's some the j ee stuff what used to be called j2ee but we're going to get the Eclipse IDE for Java developers and I'm doing it in windows 64-bit there are also versions of eclipse for macintosh and linux systems and they work very very much the same which makes this very convenient so i'm going to go and i'm going to ask for the 64-bit one and then you pick the one that's closest to you and it will be faster if you pick on nearby one so i'm going to go to the University of Florida and I'm going to save that Eclipse doesn't come as an exe and there is an uninstall process for Eclipse you just go and get it and it's a zip file and you unzip it I'm going to drop it on my desktop so I'll be able to find it the current version of eclipse is called juno so every version of Eclipse has a name that's the next letter in the alphabet so we had indigo was the one before helios was the h1 so once you have this file downloaded the Eclipse zip file where you drop this is where eclipse will be installed in double quotes there is no install so if I if I double-click on this now what do I have to do I'm going to just extract all and it is saying to me select a destination and extract files okay let's put it in my documents and it will make a new folder for us if we say put it in documents 2022 items once you unzip the Eclipse zip file that we downloaded you get a directory called eclipse when you unzip it and because it's not a normal windows install you don't get icons added to your desktop and your windows thing this is the actual eclipse Exe so to run Eclipse you run that and what we need to do is to make not a copy of that but a shortcut to that so let's create a shortcut and my shortcuts include the name of the clips that we're using so I'm going to say that this is eclipse juno and it's the 64 so there's a whole bunch of them and I only want to work with one at a time because I I'll get mixed up so I'm going to copy that shortcut and put it on my start menu or my desktop or wherever you like to have those so that you can find them now let's double click on the shortcut that we created and it will launch it Eclipse judo so when you start using eclipse the first thing that will happen is that it will say what's what workspace do you want to work in and the workspace is where you keep all of your Java programs it's just a folder and it will make a default one for you called workspace and we can use that as the default one and not have to ask this every time once you get like you've got a lot of Java projects all over the place you're going to have lots of different workspaces and you can switch workspaces once we get in there so once it opens up you get this welcome page and there are some tutorials and things that you can play with if you want to what I would like us to do is to make a simple Java program to see if eclipse is working Lee so you can close that stuff over there and I'm going to make a simple Java project I'll call it the first project and I don't type well all the time well I'm not using it so I'm not going to be warned that i can't find get every time oh the home is not set this is another get thing get is a source control which is becoming very popular now and it's integrated in with them Eclipse automatically so we can ignore all of that here's our source folder in the project and we're going to add a class the name of a class in Java always starts with the capital letter and we're going to click on this because we're too lazy to type it ourselves it will put in a main method and here's what it does I'm going to throw these comments away and inside of the main method sys Oh control space it will type system dot out dot print line for you there's a bunch of little shortcuts like that so here's the hello world message that we will send as proof that this Java project is running so here's the play button always save the resources before launching it just makes sense if you've changed your code you want to save it and run the new version and here's the console window that automatically appears that at the bottom so what we know for sure we have Eclipse installed and it's working to make a java program and the next thing we'll do if you're intending to.

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