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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Certification

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Certification

Hi I'm Richard Bern in this video I want to show you how you can have a certificate automatically issued to your students when they pass a quiz that they've taken in Google Forms so you can see my sample quiz that I have here on the screen and we're going to use an add-on called certify them now if you don't see it here in your add-ons menu you can always go over here to the right-hand side select add-ons and then do a search for certify them as you see right there so let's use certified will enable it in this quiz and now over here on the right-hand side we'll see certification is off in our settings so let's turn it on we'll set our minimum passing score and you can see by default it's 80% but you can set it anywhere from 10% to 100% you can pick a template now there are some standardized templates here you can also use a custom template and I'll show you in just a moment how to use a custom template for now let's just use the standard golden frame template and let's take a look at a sample of what the template will look like when a student passes the quiz so I'm gonna have it emailed to me as a sample I'll just go check my gmail account quickly and we'll see what that looks like in my Gmail so there's my sample certificate and we can see there it is passing score and we'll see what the certificate says now that's a pretty boring looking certificate so what we can do instead you'll see there's an option here for use a custom template we make the template in Google slides so we'll use here the Google slides template for student certificate and you could build one from scratch as well but in this case I'll just use this template and I'm a change student name to full name and down here I can change the date and I'll change the name that appears there and say mr. Bern and now let's call this student certificate for sample quiz one two three and now if I want to use this template and this full name piece is important because that's what's going to replace a full name with the students actual name that's collected in the quiz under your name we'll go in here and we'll pick use a custom template that's the certificate I want to use choose select and now we'll see in the right hand side student certificate is the one that's going to be used as opposed to one of these standardized ones so that's how you can create a Google Form quiz that automatically sends us a certificate to your students as always for more tips and tricks like this please check out free Tech for teachers comm and practical at deck com.

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