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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Charities

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Charities

Tis the season to be jolly can you tell how jolly I am this is my jolly face well hello again Internet Corinne here and you're watching my personal channel I have a lot of stuff to tell you today and a lot to be jolly for so let's get started shall we no the first thing I want to talk to you about today with my new glasses a lot of you have been commenting on how much you like my new frames yeah they really frame my face well don't they which is great because this episode is sponsored by glasses USA I actually have a pretty sordid history with glasses there were countless Christmases and birthdays where I received glasses as my gift because I always lose them or break them or scratch them all up and glasses are not cheap so when glasses USA told me they were gonna send me six pairs of glasses and sunglasses I was like yeah this is a match made and brand deal heavy and because this is the season of giving I've decided to donate all of the sponsorship money to my two favorite charities now if you wear glasses you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect frames I especially hate having to go to a glasses store because the people that work there are always following you around and hovering over and giving their unsolicited opinions oh that's look nice on you those might be a little too narrow for your wide head Thanks well with glasses USA's virtual Tryon tool you don't even have to leave the house I like that yes hollywood's colleague they want their fabulous glasses back and very studious i like to study things hello Hilary Duff yeah these are giving me all the Catwoman vibes meow these are extra fancy I can go from indoor to outdoor in a jiffy these are officially my new hater blockers can't see you haters can't see you you can find all of these glasses and many many others on glasses usa.com but make sure to follow this link or click the link in the description free basic lenses premium and markdown frames excluded thank you so much glasses USA for sponsoring this video let's dive into the rest of the video today I'm gonna be making catnip voodoo doll toys to sell at a local craft event called the big crafty to benefit Asheville cat weirdos as you can see I have my whole workstation set up very nice and organized and clean not like this rob is so messy when he crafts good lord I'm so glad he has his own space now the worst nightmare like I was saying before the first thing you want to do is go online and find yourself an outline template for voodoo dolls this is the one I'm using and I simply printed it out and traced it onto a piece of cardboard and then cut that out trying to trace around a flimsy piece of paper onto fabric doesn't really work out that well so you're gonna want something a little thicker yeah this one's a thick bitch hello how do you do Brady actually the first time I did this I started a lot smaller with my shape and trying to sew something together this small and turn it right-side out and all that very difficult it came out pretty cute but it was way hard to deal with yeah it also gets a little smaller after you sew it together and stuff it so keep that in mind I recommend go bigger I mean it's a voodoo doll right I think it's pretty cute though gonna be our little mascot this was the test subject so I won't subject it to too much pain the fabric that I'm using for this project is pretty exciting I simply took an old white curtain and dyed it in some tees yeah that's the tea since the innards of our voodoo dolls is also gonna be made from recycled stuff unfortunately other stuffed animals had to die in the process so I write to all of you who have fallen prey Robb's weird zombie winds wow we have a whole army of zombie toys alright so the first thing we have to do is iron our fabric just ironing out all the details here and what I'm doing to save time because I have to make a lot of these as I'm folding over the fabric ironing it together and then tracing my shapes onto the top layer I guess what we're not even gonna pin anything for this ain't nobody got time to back yep we're just gonna cut both layers together like this and then just sew around our outline this is quick and dirty sewing so we're not gonna spend too much time thinking about it it doesn't have to be a hundred percent perfect you just gotta get it you can use your hand wheel but basically I'm just muscle in this around a free embroidery foot might be helpful for this project but not necessary the spinning technique can be a little difficult to get down right away as you can see here's my first attempt now I haven't sown in a while so I'm in the same boat as you are if you don't sew very often but after a couple tries you really start to get the hang of it done up from the bottom now we here yeah we got that a lot now okay now we are going to cut these out I'm gonna make sure to cut a little further out on this area but otherwise you can cut pretty close to the seam normally I would use pinking shears but again it's been so long since I've sewn anything I don't know where they are so we're just gonna use regular.

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