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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Circular

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Circular

Okay so ladies and gentlemen what we have in this case we have x squared plus y squared plus 4x minus 10y minus seven equals zero and what they're asking us to do is find the center in the radius of the circle and then sketch the graph all right so what we're gonna have to do for this problem is what we're gonna simply do is we need to first be able to determine what if it's in our standard form of our equation of a circle so remember standard form equation of a circle looked like this X minus H squared plus y minus K squared equals R squared right yes does this look anything like that because once it's like this it's pretty easy we know that the center of the circle all right is H comma K and the radius is equal to R so as long as we can get it in this format determining what the center and the radius is is pretty simple correct did you guys agree okay so now what we need to do is we need to figure out how are we going to take it from this format to this format and there's a little bit of process that we started off the class with which we call which we call tum pleating the completing the square exactly and notice we're gonna have to go ahead and do it twice all right so x squared plus 4x plus y squared minus 10y minus seven equals zero all right okay so what we're simply going to do now is so what I did is I just rewrote it I'm sorry that's yeah so what I did is I rewrote it with my X's next to each other and my Y's...