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So I'm told that I'm going to be on on this this dr. Drew show on CNN Headline News and I asked who's gonna be on the panel because I always ask when I go into hostile territory and CNN certainly qualifies for that and they tell me there will be six other panelists when I say okay fine you know that that's fine with me one on six makes it almost fair for them so that's that's okay we can do that and I look at the list on the panel and I look up everybody's bio and they're all media figures and one person happens to be a transgender woman a man who transitioned over to being a female if such a thing made any sort of sense and in the and and they put three chairs kind of off stage facing the stage and in those chairs they put on a black dude and this transgender woman and me and they seat the two of us next to each other the transgender woman and mate zuly tor and me and of course I knew immediately that they're trying to just spark something to happen by seating us next to each other but that is not my interest when I go on these shows all I want to do is say my piece I really have no interest in doing anything other than saying my piece and as anybody who has ever seen me on TV understands my typical goal when I'm talking with folks on the left is to have a calm and rational discussion which almost never happens because the left is patently incapable of calm and rational discussion as was eminently proved on the show last night which was intensely wild so the show begins and they start with the Caitlyn Jenner issue and dr. drew turns to me and he asks me if Caitlyn Jenner deserved the award and here's what I said she deserved this award for what for courageously coming forward for having been an athlete of great prowess and now fighting a new battle what exactly is the battle I mean self-definition is what you do and my baby is doing at 18 months old I wasn't aware that you get a medal for it and after I say this dr. drew sort of moves on to the rest of the panel and everybody is sort of talking about the brilliance and wonder of Caitlyn Jenner one of the the people on the panel the black guy he says something about how the how about how Caitlyn Jenner is okay generator the award because Caitlyn Jenner is a rich white woman from the hills which seems odd because Caitlyn Jenner is a rich white man from the hills and it always is weird to me when you have people who are willfully deluding themselves about things like is caitlyn jenner a man okay if you don't think Caitlyn Jenner is a man that I dare you to date somebody who is exactly like Caitlyn Jenner as a straight male if you think that Caitlyn Jenner is actually a woman then I hope that you are perfectly willing to engage in sexual activity with someone who still has all of the male apparatus because that seems to be the argument that you're making if gender is not only completely in the head but also we're all supposed to recognize your version of your own gender it's gonna make things kind of awkward in the boudoir to say the least and all the time I'm sitting there thinking this is a mental hospital this is crazy Caitlyn Jenner is a man Caitlyn Jenner is genetically a man biologically a man has the genitals of a man has the brain structures of a man Caitlyn Jenner is a man and we're all sitting here pretending Caitlyn Jenner is not a man why well because it's politically correct to do so so humoring and delusional is now not just politically correct you will be punished if you do not so all of this is is going on and and finally I break and I say why exactly are we mainstreaming delusion and that's pretty much when everybody decides to go hiding Braves being yourself and being transgender is it's about the bravest thing you can do yes why we mainstreaming delusion it's not to lose why would you like the illusion because Bruce Caitlyn Jenner I'll call him Caitlyn Jenner you're not being polite to the pronoun because it's respect okay okay hold on polite to the pronouns I'll stop it there for one second polite to the pronouns first of all you can't be polite to two words words are inanimate gang but this is the level of discourse that some of the panelists were engaged in it's not polite to the pronouns okay first of all even if pronouns had feelings I think that pronouns would probably want you to use their canary definition for example when I say chicken I don't mean dog I mean fascinating right when I when I say about a noun right when I say chicken I don't actually mean dog or cow or monkey I actually mean like the animal known as a chicken by all humanity known as a chicken when I say he I don't mean a woman who thinks she's a man I don't mean a woman who had an appendage sewn on to her I don't mean a woman who cut out her breasts I mean a man he I thought all of this was kind of basic but the left's perversion has gone so far that it's not even basic anymore so it's disrespect so let me get this right I am disrespecting the pronouns by using the definition of the pronouns but the folks on the left are not disrespecting the pronouns by using the pronouns to describe precisely the.

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