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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Consecutive

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Consecutive

1. What I'd like to do is show you guys how to find three consecutive numbers with the sum of 63. 2. We're looking at in second of numbers the one thing I we think of as numbers that are right next to each other consecutive and if we're talking about odd numbers then we're obviously going to be skipping the even number so just an example of three consecutive odd numbers would be 5, 7, & 9. 3. However instead we want the sum and we would know some by our signal words is going to be a and them and we also know that is obviously not going to give us 63, the sum of those three consecutive or gives us 21 so we have a little problem. 4. So to find out how to find three consecutive numbers for 63, first of all, we don't know where to start and what we so like if we don't know where to start we don't know the first number is we're always going to give that in variable which we leave labeled X. 5. Now the next thing is I need to say alright well between my next number how much what is going to be my next consecutive number well consecutive odd number ups are so if I say a random odd number is X the next one is going to be well not 6 because 6 is even it'd be 7 so it's actually you have to go 5 plus 2 to get 2 by next odd number does that make sense so I'm actually plussing to my next number so to represent that algebraically I'm going to say ax plus two would be my next number and then the next number I'm gonna have two plus two again so to...