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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Credits

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Credits

Music no one in Britain who is willing to work will ever again suffer absolute want the post-war welfare system may preventing destitution the responsibility of the state and only a scheme like this can afford you with such high benefits come on now it's worth it isn't it every penny of it now a new welfare revolution is underway shifting greater responsibility back to the individual and changing lives in the process people are killing ourselves over this you know why is this going on in this line 18 special we speak to those claiming universal credit the professionals grappling with the system and the new data that reveals its impact on debt evictions and hunger hi my name is Joe Cahill I'm calling from the specialist welfare advice team at new charter did you hey did you receive our lottery Guardian universal credit No one morning in March things changed in this area of Greater Manchester the universal credit rollout arrived in Tameside the new Charter Housing Association knows what that means of their tenants already on the new system 85% are in rent arrears with around 5,000 more of their Tameside tenants now about to be moved on to it they need to get prepared we've identified who is going to be affected and will go through a needs assessment and will then identify anything like if they've got there if they've got no internet they've got no passports things like that I'll go this way by design all new claimants will face a minimum of five weeks without payment but that could potentially be much longer if they have problems completing the online application process and so rent arrears can build up and with that comes the risk of eviction Denise McIntyre fears that is exactly what is going to happen to her she's a grandmother and with serious respiratory problems is unable to work but when she's moved on to the new system she too will face at least a month before her claim is paid I will Rea the angle to end up on the street with nothing I really do well advance loans are available the fact she already has accumulated debts means she doesn't want to take on more did work but the government don't care they don't listen to people they don't and the offer from new charter to assist with food parcels he's more upsetting than reassuring oh I know what I'll do I'll finish it before I get to the point where I've got going out there is health food you know there are people who are you speaking to so today yeah yeah but I couldn't go to Joe and say look no I've got no food I need adult food I couldn't do that can't lower myself to do that he's that sort of thing you're hearing a lot of they are so proud and they don't want to wring open ask for help they've never they never have done and obviously when we're now knocking on the door and we're advising that we can help and they see in this face-to-face contact they wrote me not toward universal credit merges a number of separate benefits into one like a wage is calculated on how much you've worked and paid monthly in arrears not upfront and to encourage people to manage their own finances housing benefit is paid direct to them but in practice that's causing serious problems in a survey of housing associations the National Housing Federation found that across the country 73 percent of tenants on universal credit were in significant rent arrears compared to 29% in areas still using the previous benefit system also provided to Sky News were interim findings from a survey conducted by the residential Lord Association they found 62% of private landlords are now unwilling to rent to universal credit claimants and amongst those landlords that are renting to universal credit claimants almost a third said they'd evicted a tenant on the new benefit in the last 12 months in more than three-quarters of those cases this was as a result of rent arrears Joe Beck manages 350 rental properties across Greater Manchester and sees these issues daily all of a sudden a large amount of monies going into their account and they're expected to make sure that the rents paid every time every month on time and common sense tells you that should happen no problems but no it doesn't dealing with the fallout of benefit changes has changed his job I'm not a letting agent I might say that unlike business card but no we're social workers were citizen Advice bureaux for you know tenants like our mother landlords were a crash sometimes when they bring the kids it's oh no no we're more than just letting agents and you have to be you have to you have to do that if you don't adapt if you don't if you just black and white with it and say you've not paid your rent you're evicted and you might as well just close up shop the real revolutionary impact of universal credit isn't its intention to simplify the system or ensure that work always pays more than benefits the revolution is in the way it redefines the very purpose of welfare to being to tackle worklessness treating it as a behavioral problem an attitude that the system is designed to change the government say the system is succeeding in its aims with people moving in to work more quickly and staying in work for longer Charlotte Hughes isn't persuaded for four years she's held a weekly demo outside Ashton Job Center giving out food and advice to people she believes are being uttered failed by the state as long as the universal credit exists we will still have to be here to pick up the pieces all right we see some horrible things and people literally stabbing people.

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