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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Debit

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Debit

Music what's up guys Clark from refusing to settle calm and really excited to make this video for you I've been bouncing off the walls to do it just because there's so much information out there about making money online or about flashing cars or about how much how they're making 50k every single month while they sleep alright and I wanted to take a step back because it's easy to get caught up in that momentum of people doing huge numbers but what happens when you're first starting out when you're putting up some smaller numbers on the board maybe $100 maybe $50 a month wherever you're starting you have to start there and then it grows over time I've been fortunate enough to be in this for five years I read the 4-hour workweek in college said okay that's what I want to do that's the path you know we have this opportunity with the internet that's never existed anymore where you can work 24/7 365 and set systems in place that work for you while you're working on other systems to build and you keep building these systems and if you do it right over time over the long term your income gross proportionately with no ceiling there's no limit to how much you can make but I want to talk about setting up those systems right because if it is too good to be true it probably is six things they never told you number one passive income takes a ton of active effort you know if you build it they will come but that's not true at all you have to build something and then no one cares you know last month I launched video breakthrough Academy my online course taking people start to finish behind the scenes of what I'm talking about right now this business of attracting people through YouTube second largest search engine in the world free content free traffic and then putting them into a business model that builds a relationship solves problems gives value and you can do for a long term and showing you exactly how to do that from scratch made about twelve thousand dollars from it the most I ever made in a single month but you know what the active component behind that took me four months to set up to build the course to outsource things to get the graphics to say I like this I don't like this to put all the content in there Verta to mp3's you know upload it and then it took me what five years to build the audience to where they trusted me enough to buy from me okay and promote it and write the emails and then it took me thousands of hours of learning how to use this gear how to set this up how to teach how to speak on camera all that stuff I put in there you know you're looking at a product of what a thousand hours two thousand hours hard to say it takes a lot of active components to set up the passive stuff you can't get discouraged when you're working on something let's take a book for an example you know I had a friend just launched a book on this kind of same topic and I was talking to him and he's like yeah it took me a super long time to write that book all along the way you might be questioning yourself well is this passive income this is this is me writing a book this isn't active at all the goal with passive income isn't to avoid active components at all the goal of passive income is to maximize your active efforts down the road second thing you need to realize and that they never told you takes active maintenance alright it takes a lot of active maintenance to maintain that stuff and if you don't maintain it you get anxiety because you're wondering in your head okay is this gonna fall apart is this gonna am I getting angry emails or whatever alright so all that that's going on in your head you gotta take into account when you're setting up these passive systems great example of this so this youtube channel which you're watching right now producing this content bi-weekly sometimes three times a week I have to do that otherwise the online sales you know I don't get as many people onto my list I don't get as many people in the autoresponder series and my courses don't sell as much all right so I have to do these videos or I mean and I want to fortunately I love this content and it's endless but creating this content takes active components I had to outline in this video I had to record it I have to edit it upload it all that stuff I'm not gonna bore you with that's almost like the heartbeat alright and so you have this heartbeat every single time you upload content and it's contracting and it circulates the blood throw throughout your body if you don't have a heartbeat you're dead even if you have a ton of blood supply so it's the same thing in your business in your passive income digital entrepreneur you have to have that constant contraction otherwise your business is dead the big idea for that point is that just because you have a passive system doesn't mean it's not gonna take a little bit or a lot of active maintenance to maintain point numbers three takes a ton of patience all right patience good example of this I joined the course in December of 2022 and I was like a thousand dollars two thousand bucks and it was for pretty much beginners and I'm always trying to learn him I was trying to adopt from people's business models implement them to make mine better like yourself watching this.

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