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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Determining

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Determining

Music welcome you for the exodus lecture this is the module 4 lecture 1 now in this lecture we will be studying about the various geometrical measurement geometry measurement of the both pieces now in the present lecture we will be discussing about the importance of geometric integrity of our pieces also what are the various definition related to the geometry measurement and then we will be discussing about the various symbols used to represent the geometric color-- tolerancing and also a surface plate is most commonly used in the workshops for the inspection purpose so which is used as a datum mass suspect you will see a brief description of surface plate and then we'll move on to the meaning of straightness and straightness tolerancing afterwards we will see what are the various straightness measurement method now let us understand the importance of geometric integrity of the components there is an increasing demand for product reliability and efficiency which prominences the geometric integrity of components and assemblies the component part to be produced as per the designers very strict specifications so that the function as expected they measure the components were invariably contain various deviations from the nominal feature and these deviations must be controlled during manufacturing for the reason the various kinds of irregularities from the work pieces are broadly categorized into micro with regularity and the macro irregularity the micro irregularities contain roughness and waviness on the surface recombinant and the micro irregularities encompass the errors of size and the form of the components the deviation from the ideal form normally known as form error or geometrical deviations is one of the many aspects affecting the component performance for example the errors of cylindricity on the systems used in hydraulic pistons and hydraulic motors and pumps they affect the efficiencies of the product if there are any deviations like out of calmness out of Industry and the distance so they lead to increase the friction or increase the leakage so the efficiencies of these products will definitely affect so it is very essential that we should control the errors while manufacturing and also it is essential that we should the measured the various deviation to make to ascertain that the components are within the prescribed or tolerance limits in engineering applications we face the problem of measurement of geometrical features such as straighteners squareness flatness roundness cylindricity Perry ISM concentricity run-out etcetera etcetera in this lecture we learn the methods used to measure the various four geometrical features of engineering components particularly in this lecture we will be discussing about the measurement of force straightness now let us try to understand the various definitions associated with geometric deviations of the components or geometric deviation measurement of the components so so many times we use the term feature a feature is the general term applied to a physical portion of a component such as a surface or hole or a slot and these the features are generally part surfaces for example if you have a component like this so we have this particular surface and the feature means whether this particular surface is the straight or cylindrical or draining out of problem so such things are known as the feature of a component and a datum is critically exact plane or a point or an axis from which a dimension is measured for example when we want to measure the height height of this component it is essential that we should take this particular surface as reference so normally what we do we keep the component to be measured on the surface plate for the CV surface plate and then it reference to this surface we measure the height of this component using appropriate installation instrumentation so this will surface plate for a top surface differences plate will act as your datum actually the terror datum is a chaotically exact plane or it could be a point or an axis but when we consider the tops of face off for the success rate again there will be variation due to manufacturing variation now this top surface even though the variations are there on the top Versailles now we try to control the deviation of deviation manufacturing errors on the surface plate and we try to achieve a very flat surface that means the surface plate is often used to simulate the datum so top surface of the success rate is used as a datum under that surface is simulated as a datum now a datum feature is nothing but a part feature that contact a datum since datums are chaotically exact we use datum feature as the origin for measurements now in this diagram you can see it is the surface plate this is the surface plate and there is a line which is the third article line which is a chaotically exact datum plane and then on the surface top surface to the surface met again there are the micro irregularity and we take this top surface as the simulated there datum circle and now the datum curses the park surface on the part surface we have the variations like this so the datum that particular surface the datum feature is on the part surface and the simulated data mean on the surface plate now we should try to understand what is the meaning of datum reference frame it is a effect of three mutually perpendicular datum plane now this the datum reference frame is very essential in order to measure the continent properly now the three mutually perpendicular datum plane means so this is the one reference plane and then we can keep another reference plane vertical reference plane perpendicular to this primary reference and it is primary reference link or reference plane number one and this angle is 90 degree this angle is 90 degree and then perpendicular to these two we should provide another surface so this is the second reference worship and.

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