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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Employed

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Employed

Good morning everybody my his'n polite British folks in the front responding correctly let's try that one more time morning good that was much better okay let's start with the introductions I'm knackered that's my actually my name it's merely my state of mind right now I've done quite a few of these sessions that I am extremely tired for those of you that don't know what knackered in British means it translates to devastatingly tired I went bowling last night when I tried brushing my teeth this morning the toothbrush made it to there I had to lean forward for the rest so I'm feeling my age anyway I'm Dean Wells I'm a program manager in the Windows Server based team I own a good chunk of Windows Server technologies especially in the area of security things like our hosts Guardian service shielded virtual machines and pretty much the overall security story for the server product itself with me I've got Mike from this the National Institute of Standards and Technology Mike's going to come up and talk about a reference architecture that they've got put out there into the wild for the government agencies as well as enterprises to leverage that's built on Microsoft security technologies and I've got Jakob smashed no I've lost it I kept I'm sorry we'll just leave it yeah come from the sequel team anybody want to try that last name for me very good somebody from your hometown okay yeah Cubs going to be talking about a brand new technology that's going to be released in sequel 2022 called always encrypted I will tell you that the reason he's on stage with me is because he and I have been working on this project for two years I think something like that back and forth making sure that things operate that the way they're supposed the way they're supposed to it runs inside something we call a trusted execution environment or an enclave who's heard of a term Enclave quick show of hands who's heard of the term SGX enclaves ok SGX is a platform technology by Intel that is meant to pra trusted execution environment on a machine that could be literally littered with malware and yet the trusted execution environment is able to defend itself from inspection rights modifications all those kind of things what we've done in Windows Server 2022 is we attempted to build a similar technology to that which we achieved the security promises I'm not as strong as an SGX on clay but we call it a VBS Enclave or virtualization based security Enclave so you're gonna see a demo from Jakob that talks about how they're leveraging that technology in sequel 2022 with their always encrypted offering all right so without further ado then let's just set the stage some context we've obviously got a number of IT stress points right now you see the two at the right data center efficiency this is a big deal for most as is supporting innovation I staying close to the trend keeping up with the technology evolution the one that we're going to focus on is going to be about security threats in this session there are three areas that we like to break this down into the managing of privileged identities if anyone knows a little bit about my background you may have seen me at ignite before or back in the days when it was called tech ed I have a very strong identity background managing privileged identities is one of the biggest deals today whether it's on-premises whether it's in the cloud or in some hybrid situation hence the introduction of technologies like as your MFA the multi-factor authentication how many of you are subject to multi-factor authentication now when you log on to sensitive services at work I know I am okay good that was the vast majority of you the other thing that started to become more prominent it's not really around privileged identities but it's around devices how many of you are now seeing your devices have to comply with certain policies before you're allowed to use them to access work data that's again true at Microsoft okay so that is starting to become more but more pervasive all of that if you buck it into managing privileged identity it's all the same thing it's just the identity of the device this time and not the identity of the person using it and in an ideal world it's both that's pretty much the way wife Microsoft works the second thing we'll be discussing is how do we secure the Oasis most of the platform technology and Windows Server that went towards security that's going to pretty much take up the content I'm talking to about today these are things that you don't really get to see I said this the other day when I had to follow cosmos Darwin fantastic name there isn't that which my parents are cool because most Darwin there really is no better name that's not even a stage name he was really born with her I had to follow him after doing a presentation on disk performance where he showed millions upon millions of I ops being satisfied by an S 2d array of these brand-new types of storage called upping his nvme come on what the rest of the acronym is and it went so ridiculously fast for so many virtual machines in so many hosts he managed to get a round of applause from the audience just by virtue of the number and then they asked me to come up directly after him and talk about security good so how do you make security a WoW moment by showing nothing bad happening isn't that it that's what Windows Server 2022 focuses on thank you they look at how I got a round of applause for showing nothing itself ok next secure fabric.

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