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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Entities

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Entities

This is our topic Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations finance and operations and power bi an introduction to great analytics let's see if the it's an introduction or reintroduction how many of you are on Finance and operations ok quite a lot of you anyone from X 2022 weeks 2022 ok few of you great how many of you have tried the analytics FNL ok ok quite a few so introduction maybe so my name is Melinda and my team pretty much builds the analytics infrastructure that you see in the product it's also great to see some familiar faces so welcome this is pretty much the topic that we're going to talk about and what we're gonna you know I guess it's a it's a bit of a mind shift I think compared to X 2022 and X 2022 with finance and operations the idea behind built-in analytics is so that as customers when you move into the product you have a set of analytics to get started that should be your starting point so one of the things that I'll keep on emphasizing reimpose icing re really emphasizing is that you should utilize it you can extend it and pretty much start using what we have and there's good reasons to do that obviously we keep on investing in analytics in the product and I'll show you evidence of that on some of the stuff that's in a dough and some of the stuff that's coming in 8.1 so as you know we're releasing twice a year in terms of the application the platform is being updated almost every month so there's a lot of investments coming this way and that's another reason why you should start looking at leveraging them of course there's good ways to build analytics and to extend analytics and there's bad ways to do that - if you try to follow a bad pattern unfortunately your journey is gonna be harder so let's talk about how you you know how you build it better how you leverage the infrastructure to the fullest and you know let's talk about these different scenarios a little bit not to get into the depth of it but try to understand try to associate the scenario and the best practice and of course we'll throughout the session we'll talk about what's coming in fall and fall is almost here I guess it is fall and what I'm talking about is the October release that is coming out just you know we got two away and now the fall release is something that we worked on as the team a couple of months ago I would also like to give you some insights on what we're working on next you know not to sort of just so that you'd ignore the fall release and wait for that no that's not the idea just to give you some visibility into what we're working on so hopefully the investments that you're making today you know you can be ready you can you can get ready for some of the things that are coming up in the future and if you're investing in it perhaps maybe you can plan for it I not invest too deeply in that base so that's pretty much what we're gonna do the next 75 minutes or so hopefully I'll leave up a little bit of room for questions towards the end if he can't that's fine I'm gonna hang around at the expo tomorrow afternoon from about 12 till about 6:00 or so so feel free to come by if you have any questions or if you want to talk things one by one on one so yeah let's get started so this is the first topic I'm gonna keep on having this you know start using start utilizing start extending so let me hammer hammer on now many of you might be familiar with this slide how many of you have seen this slide before okay not many good so the few folks who have seen it please bear with me now one of the biggest things that we did when we came into it I know when we started designing it I know a couple years ago is you know in an ERP implementation everyone wants right you could you could even argue that ERPs are implemented because you need visibility into business so data is is paramount and data of course from a user point of view is reports everyone wants reports but one thing that we realized and what we did in the product was we wanted to understand and optimize what people do with reports after they ran that report so we identified these key scenarios and we decided that we're gonna invest in scenario so that users get a great experience depending on the scenario and you know this I mean not every report is alike although you talk about it as a report some reports are actually documents you know things like purchase orders invoices documents that you need to send in front into your customers your suppliers it's almost like a you know brand image of the company so what we did was we actually partnered with the design company and we came up with a great set of great-looking designs we reimagine some of those documents and we build them into the product now in AX 2022 when AX 2022 if you're probably if you started using the product the invoice that we shipped within the product didn't look great right how many of you have seen the noise that shipped with ya and how many of you ended up customizing it yeah the same hands go up yeah exactly because we shipped a bad design knowing that you're gonna customize it and well what we did this time was we're shipping 16 great-looking with documents that are well designed with input from graphic designers and.

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