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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Estimated

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Estimated

How to answer what are your salary expectations or requirements this is by far one of the most controversial topics everybody seems to have an opinion about that most HR or recruiters say that you should give a range I think differently as always before I can give you a straight-up answer there are a few things I need to know one who is asking this question is it a headhunter HR or the hiring managers like myself so let's see the possible scenarios first okay scenario one from a headhunter so you're just interviewing with a recruiter or headhunter okay scenario two from HR or internal recruiter scenario three the question comes from the hiring manager and scenario 4 again the question comes from the hiring manager but you started the process with a headhunter I hope I'm not confusing it with all these scenario scenario so let's start with one scenario one if it's a headhunter asking you this question then I suggest you direct the question back at them ask what is the budget of your client for this role 90% of the time they will give you a range then you can go ahead and say that it's within your expectations okay so this was the first scenario the second scenario is that a chart asks you this question in the first stage of the interview this is usually the very first stage of the entire recruitment process so this is before you even interview with the hiring manager see HR has very good reasons to ask you this question they really don't want to take that chance of introducing someone to the hiring manager and let that person past interviews just to reject a job offer right it would be a major fail for HR so they want to immediately eliminate any candidate that may potentially fall out or the salary range they are prepared to offer something important here they don't just eliminate the candidates who are above their budget but also below their budget - they do that because they judge your worth based on how much salary you draw so they won't think oh we got a discount it won't be like that you know it's weird like that so my suggestion in this case is for you not to answer this question they will insist they will insist real good but you just have to hold your ground and say something like the following you know I'm sure Peter witchy will be offering a competitive salary within the industry standards I'm not looking to get rich I'm just looking for an opportunity to prove my worth to the company that is my only priority at this stage so why am I suggesting because there's a very clear conflict of interest here it's in a charge best interest to eliminate all those candidates that are not within the salary range and it is in your best interest to not they not take that risk of potentially failing even before getting a job offer simple conflict of interest so if you can pull it off don't give out any information just say you're confident their offer will be within B&C standards they will push it out and you will resist but let's say you couldn't resist let's say the HR is very adamant and you realize that you will have to give out a number you must in that case you will you will give out a number so when I suggest is before you go to that interview you visit glassdoor.com and check out the salary ranges for your role in there you will see so many entries and you will be able to see the lower end as well as the higher end of the role so when they ask for your expectations then you can just say between this and that right because that's industry standards good there are three the question comes from the hiring manager so hiring managers going to be your direct line supervisor right you know one of the qualities you want to highlight is your honesty I suggest you very clearly say that you actually didn't know about the salary range as much so before going to the interview your check last order coming you realize that the ranges between this and that so you'd be happy to consider a salary does seems like the industry standards I said this will be a very smooth answer so they can't blame you for asking too much or too less steena see standards you just made a research and came up with a methodology go figure right you're not greedy you're desperate so this will work the scenario for the question is coming from the hiring manager but you initially started the process with an external recorder or headhunter so in this case very similar scenario one make sure you ask about the salary range in advance the recruiters know the range very very well because their client always tells them and it's in their best interest for you to get that job at a salary as high as possible because they make Commission's based on how high you get paid so they will tell you a range then you can just share that range with the hiring manager later on in interviews good I believe this is the same approach but I'd love to be proven wrong though I mean if you have a better suggestion please feel free to comment below and we'll continue the discussion there very well if you've benefited from this video please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more career tips the shooting these videos isn't easy for me it's very time intensive so if you like my videos please subscribe and give me a thumbs up so I'll know that I should produce more and finally if you haven't already I strongly suggest you.

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