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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Extended

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Extended

For coming out, everybody, before we get started, can you guys, if you'd like to ask questions at any point during the session, it would be nice if you came up a little closer to us. We're gonna do a little bullet talking, but most of the session is gonna be a bunch of demos and you're gonna have questions, so feel free to come closer to us. So we're here to talk about talent and how to extend talent, how to make it your own. My name is Manav, I'm a product manager on Dynamics 365 for talent. I'm a Batali's CTO for Dynamics and global black belt for the power platform. Cool, so we're gonna first start off talking about talent. Just a show of hands, who here has never seen or played with Dynamics 365 for talent? Okay, we've got a few people, that's cool. So well, good, we'll give you a quick introduction. I'll walk through a real quick demo, just show you what our apps look like, and then we're gonna jump into the common data service. Again, strawpoll, who has never heard of the common data service? Okay, okay, we got we got we got we got someone. So I'll give you guys some context and what it is and what the power of what it provides is. And then most importantly, once we've talked about talent unserious the platform, we'll talk about how you can extend talent using the platform, and we'll go into some demos around that as well. So traditionally with HR, the focus has always been on how do we build experiences that meet HR needs, right? It's always been about the HR needs legacy systems that sort of have very rigid processes, you know, very very sort of strict...