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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Extended

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Extended

For coming out everybody before we get started can you guys if you'd like to ask questions at any point during the session it would be nice if you came up a little closer to us we're gonna do a little bullet talking but most of the session is gonna be a bunch of demos and you're gonna have questions so feel free to come closer to us so we're here to talk about talent and how to extend talent how to make it your own my name is Manav I'm a product manager on Dynamics 365 for talent I'm a Batali's CTO for Dynamics and global black belt for the power platform cool so we're gonna first start off talking about talent just a show of hands who here has never seen or played with Dynamics 365 for talent okay we've got a few people that's cool so well good well we'll give you a quick introduction I'll walk through a real quick demo just show you what our apps look like and then we're gonna jump into the common data service again strawpoll who has never heard of the common data service okay okay we got we got we got we got someone so I'll give you guys some context and what it is and what the power of what what it provides is and then most importantly once we've talked about talent unserious the platform we'll talk about how you can extend talent using the platform and we'll go into will go into some some demos around that as well so traditionally with HR the focus has always been on how do we build experiences that meet HR needs right it's always been about the HR needs legacy systems that sort of have very rigid processes you know very very sort of strict controls but with when we started building talent the focus that we had was we want to lead with the experience it's it's it's important to meet the business needs but we want to build the right kinds of experiences so the candidate the hiring team and the HR they can collaborative with collaborate with each other with modern experiences that are delightful to use but but also meet some of their core this needs in a flexible fashion secondly we at Microsoft have you have some unique assets such as LinkedIn we have office 365 we have Skype we have Microsoft AI and with talent we've tried to bring all of those together to then provide this horizontal layer of intelligence across all of our applications we like to think that intelligence is not - sort of stand-alone analytics is not the standalone antics that entity that you provide but it really has to be a facet of almost every single business application that you build and we've tried to sort of do that and you'll see that in one of our demos and lastly and probably the most important especially to this session is that we were built on top of this platform that's extensible that's powerful that's built for scale you know built built to sort of meet those business application needs that you guys have and and and we'll show you how you can do that in the course of this session as well so talent to focus out on focusing on that a little more over the last year we focused on two major products and they're offering the two spaces with this two spaces we focused on our recruiting and onboarding the way they've manifested themselves within our product life cycle is in the form of two applications called attract and onboard a lot of you might be familiar with core HR but that's sort of our third application which is which is where you complete all of your administrative tasks a lot of your core HR software but the modern experience apps come to life in the form of attractant on board and they start all the way from finding the right candidate and the way we do that is using LinkedIn so you source candidates through LinkedIn you find who you need to get LinkedIn is the world's biggest professional network it is the place to go once we've brought the candidates in you come in to attract we sort of help you build easy stages customs data so you can screen and assess your candidates we have intelligence built right into the application that helps recruiters helps or sorcerer's find you know Furyk for a given job opening if there's multiple application applicants we have intelligence that helps you identify the most rel and application the applicants further job opening you know the most like I've said before we're built on top of this extensible platform that's flexible that you can extend using flow power apps in power bi and then lastly we have this layer of intelligence and layer of insights analytics built on top of all these applications why is telling different we using the platform and using the experience apps that we've built we want to make it as easy as possible for you to set up we like to hold ourselves to something called the five by five which is five seconds to sign up and five minutes to start start doing whatever you need to do to start getting wowed we're a hundred percent cloud SAS application and the beauty of that is that you can access the product anywhere you want anytime and it's all built on top of this modern delightful intuitive user experience and I said as I said before I'm gonna keep saying this again and again there is the there is the underlying platform that builds at all and then that layer of intelligence as well so this is what our architecture looks like right now and for those of you guys that are familiar familiar with core achar you know core HR we're.

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