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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Extensions

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Extensions

So I'm starting with my natural nail and as you can see it's got a very natural square shape to it but I need to take off these corners if we're going to be able to do a nice streamlined gel extension so I'm going to file my nail into more of an oval shape and this is going to allow my form to fit properly and it's also going to allow me to create a much more narrow gel nail than if I had all that bulk on the sides the corners really inhibit you from being able to put the form on properly so now I've got more of an oval shape these are two bits I like to use for cuticle prep and nail prep the left is the skiver bit I like this one because you can do cuticles and you can do the nail plate at the same time but you can also use a ball bit if you want to just get around the cuticle area this bit is really gentle and I like it because it really does two things at once without me having to go around and nip it does a nice job of taking off all the dry skin all the pterygium and also really pushing back and prepping those little nitty-gritty areas so you can see a little bit of dry cuticle coming off the nail plate I can clean underneath my nail to get anything out from underneath there so my form is nice and tight and it also takes off those little rough corners on the skin but it does it very gently I can even clean underneath nails you can see it on the back of my hand it's very gentle and you don't use it on a very high speed about medium is all you need so you can see I've got all nice and prepped here I'm going to clean the nail and I'm using accents prep and wipe this dehydrates and cleans the nail all at once so now you can see my nail turns a nice chalky finish and this is what we're looking for before we put on enhancements this is going to ensure that we get a good adhesion to the nail now if you don't know how to put on a nail form you can watch my video I've got another video on here so I've put my form on nice and straight and I'm going to start with adhere it here is the base or bond or gel in the performance series from accents it's a very thin gel and you want to use a very sparing amount it only comes in the small jar size and that's for a reason you use a tiny amount on each nail and you're going to really scrub it in there so I'm using an oval 111 brush this is a kolinsky hairbrush and I use a very small amount on my brush I'm going to put some on the nail and if I have too much I can scrape a little bit off but I'm going to really scrub this into the nail plate avoiding the skin but getting nice and close to the cuticle area and really putting some pressure on my bristles and scrubbing that base gel into my nail plate and this is really going to ensure the gel adheres to my nail plate and then all the other gel I put on is going to adhere to this base gel so it creates a really nice bond and prevents lifting so you can still see a little bit of the texture of my nail in the reflection you're going to cure that for a full 30 seconds now I've got two gels I can use to create the extension structure is the thickest one and I've also got balance clear structure is our thickest proformance gel it's really great for creating extensions and it does not move at all so you can do extensions on all ten nails without a problem today I'm going to use balance this is my favorite I like it because it's self levels just a little bit so it's easier for people to create extensions that are smoother I'm going to use a little bit of gel on my brush and this is going to be the tip of my nail so I'm going to roll it off about in the middle and then I'm just going to take my brush and attach it to the gel and kind of sketch out the shape that I want with gel there's no padding there's no padding up and down or smashing or any of that it's more like a sketching swishing motion almost like you're frosting a cake and you can see my brush when it attaches to that it has a little string the little string is going to allow you to move the gel where you want it so all you have to do is keep contact with the gel and it will follow your brush wherever you want it to go I'm going to sketch out a square nail here media in length and you can see the gel just follows my brush wherever I go I'm going to make the shape that I want on to the form and I'm going to make sure it's nice and even and smooth and if there's a little bit too much on the very tip you can move that back towards your apex so that you get a nice smooth extension and this is just going to create the free edge of the long meal it's not going to create any of the strength yet we're just doing the extension portion so we're going to flash cure that for five seconds we don't want it to fully cure because we're going to pinch it now pinching a nail really creates.

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