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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Filers

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Filers

Weekly conference call on this August 17 2022 this is Peyman month ahead a the founder and president of freedom law school and your host for this weekly program you can find freedom Law School on the Internet at live three now.org live free now so RG and you will find a host of free education information on how to live pretty of oppressive taxation and control as with another org you'll find our organization that the run for over twenty years that's right folks to the law school is the oldest most successful PAC honesty freedom robbery in the entire history of the tack onto movement since World War two that's right new organization that is law around and a successful TV the IRS ass to the wall school exposing the lies and the corruption of the iOS the terrorism the banking system the mask of a right by deep speed of criminal banksters politicians corporations bureaucrats and judges who tried very hard and have reduced you the average American to mere slaves that let books will be turn into slaves and about time for us to free ourselves from this criminal gangsters we have outside of presidents in the White House not a correct Republicans not a correct Democrat not a Clinton Obama Bush McCain Lindsey Graham crooked war mongers an outsider Donald Trump and you can see the entire establishment is ganging up on this outsider who is your to clean up the sewer of the Rep Washington DC for group corruption money machine feed investment is a source a key source of education information and empowerment for you to have you live free of progress attack shape taxation and control now that is what our website is live free now.org because Peter blog was dedicated to educating assisting and helping those of you who are serious about living free could believe America was created and meant to be a free country a utility once again and for us all to work and coordinate together like the founding fathers of America to have America the agreed country once again every week October a topic of Education then I will answer your freedom questions tonight I will talk about to avoid the most common mistake that most people that don't file 10:48 contacts confession forms don't make that same mistake then number one mistake of people who file 10:48 contacts official forms what is it so you can avoid it it's very important those but first let me remind you the p.m. law school said that there is no law that requires average American like you or me to file and date the federal income tax it's a huge scam it's a fraud it a lie to turn America to slaves the whole income tax and then when a sixth amendment was created not to tax the advanced way to the labor working for himself no way the intent was to tax this rich people super-rich the bank's the corporations that were the intent of the people draft at a real to speaketh Amendment of the US Constitution so your labor will use work for yourself small business owner or wait you're a salad with not and still it about legally the object of the income tax and the Supreme Court said so clearly about a hundred years ago in several different decisions that the deep states the crooks who river the big banks and corporations because they are the ones that pay for their advertising election campaign up criminals like Clinton Obama Bush McCain Romney those guys on the judges too that's why they wouldn't get Trump when he try to protect us from foreigners coming into America invading us they try to stop them the crooked judges in the trial court and courts of Appeal and into the Supreme Court to stop that nonsense but they're gonna visit the into Texas you know this record on it truly doesn't want to upset the applecart of this crime we going on America for over 70 years of ripping off the American people make it a slice but I'm gonna educate you folks I might tell you the truth now I'm going to tell you do not believe me or the government or anybody else on internet put in law school value week because I show you the law from the government's own websites P to read in plain English language G fueled up government printing office or high up the house represents website it's all there folks you have to take my word for anything that's why IRS folks after over 13 years kind of shut up feel also that as it if you - of the promotion they get up to the hands up it won't be let us all our victories that live you know that work they said you know we go to this investigation yeah it will very well being hard to try shut Peter walls to them but we're not going to shut up folks we have the First Amendment to the US Constitution to guarantee that we have the right to express our opinions about the government about a government affairs expose the corruption and straight them out that's all right and I'll do the advocacy each box and then I predict that stop me or you so you want to share this information folks with your family members your friends co-workers and anybody you know around folks who's that open mind on Facebook okay email people could write ended mainly to get this stuff out it to your friend educated a lot of stuff and it was a first show somebody do not notice but a professor a law professor from George Washington's not University and Washington DC about a year ago attempted to claim freedom also $300,000 in cash award and you feel miserably feel awful refuted everything is that with IRS curls with court cases it deep.

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