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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Filing

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Filing

Music hi this is Mike haver thank you for asking me what is robbery by sudden snatching in Florida robbery by sudden snatching or snatch and grab robbery is a robbery where the victim only becomes aware of it during the course of the taken so for example if you're walking down the sidewalk carrying a purse or a bag and unbeknownst to you somebody either runs up from behind you or quickly appears out of nowhere and grabs or snatches that item from your hand before you have an opportunity to process what's going on then you've been the victim of a snatch and grab robbery unlike a traditional robbery for a snatch-and-grab violence assault or putting in fear is not necessary the only force that is necessary is quote that amount of force which is necessary to obtain possession of the property robbery by sudden snatching or snatch and grab robbery is a third-degree felony it's punishable by up to five years in state prison but if the robber is armed with either a deadly weapon or firearm then it's going to be enhanced to a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years note in the case of a robbery by sudden snatching the deadly weapon or firearm need not be displayed in fact it almost never will be displayed because if it had been displayed before the fact that it's going to be an armed robbery and not a robbery by snatch-and-grab to enhance a snatch-and-grab it's enough that the robber had a concealed weapon on or about his person at the time of the robbery thank you for your question I appreciate your having asked it and i invite you to ask me more i also asked you to please remember at michael a haber PA it's all about reasonable doubt and if you like this video please subscribe we'll be putting out more soon Music Applause Music.

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