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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Mileage

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Mileage

Tonight our cameras catch state investigators cracking down on odometer fraud at a West Valley car dealer the dealer claims innocence investigators claim more than 100 cars were rolled back eight and a half million miles turns out the odometer fraud industry is a big part of the used car buying here in our state and as abc15 investigator Joe Ducey shows us most sellers get away with it and buyers never know you're undercover shopping for used cars he's only 15 at a great price but we know the odometer has been rolled back a used car epidemic in the valley what percentage of cars sold used do you think have rolled back odometers good 70% the magnitude of the problem of course is huge cars sold with hundreds of thousands of miles just wiped off the records you never know that's our 400,000 miles right and a system that allows it to happen there's nobody doing anything about it at least underneath 60,000 that was what I was looking for like many of us Jim searched Craigslist and found this 2022 Honda Accord 47,000 miles his mechanic checked it out so you gave nine thousand nine hundred cash yes he got the title then he ran a CARFAX report it was one hundred and sixty three thousand one hundred thousand miles more than the odometer showed I got school records show what happened next Jim traded the Accord to showcase Honda in Phoenix which titled it with the real miles 197 thousand nine hundred fifty they sold it at auction to trans USA of California and now the court has just 48,000 miles then it's sold again I've got some news about your car the ABC 15 investigators tracked the Accord to this Phoenix family surprised about its past so 197,000 motto well what do you think about that that's crazy for zog a horse family bought it with around forty eight thousand miles on the odometer there are a few things going bad already on it why isn't something like a red flag raised it says this shouldn't be allowed it's unfortunate that that there isn't some mechanism to I don't know track vehicle mileage tom Clinkenbeard is with the Arizona Department of Transportation and says there's no systems roll backs from being titled again it's really easy this valley man says he's worked in the underworld of rollbacks and used cars we hid his identity to give you an inside look look that begins at water-washed he says only dealers are supposed to buy here after being checked out but money talks he does spend outside wait for somebody to come in asking their dealer hey I'm a hundred corner honors a new bar car scammers buy a couple hundred more and have the car trucks miles rolled back they actually will tell you how many while you want we've seen that done I seem to go in putting limits this Carfax video shows how easily it's done we even found tools for sale online just four hundred bucks okay um told me there's some low miles and the guy looks like nice persons low price low miles Maria Contreras thought her suburban was a steal with just 70,000 miles then the problems began dr. Sayed IAC broke a letter from state investigators would have shocked any of us the suburban didn't have 70,000 miles for thirty-nine thousand okay it's a lot of miles so much nearly a half million miles we're just a fraction of what Maria paid I don't know what I can do while the seller got a citation for rolling back odometers 2022 we found him add it again I'll try to sell this truck to us this how finnstrom yet they begin to it he tells us the truck has 95 thousand miles on it not true we tracked the VIN number and found it had 147 thousand miles but before we could confront the seller he sold the truck that fast someone who likely had no idea the speeds also letting you link back tomorrow you may not know it but in Arizona and other states it's legal for a car to be sold without knowing the mileage just mark not actual miles scammers count on it everybody doesn't know how to read the title so you can see how this could lead to possible fraud oh absolutely and we see that a lot in an ideal world if we didn't title vehicles with miles unknown you know that would that would eliminate a lot of the problem Clinkenbeard says changes could take years and legislative action too late for Maria her title clearly shows how easy all of this happens this first digit should be the four in the four hundred thirty nine thousand miles instead it's been changed seller filed an error with the MBD corrected it and the first digit is gone four hundred thousand miles wiped off the vehicles record Clinkenbeard says they investigate complaints but don't receive many that's Tector salt avoid price is much lower than Blue Book value have your card checked by a mechanic first know the cars history Carfax and Auto Check are two popular businesses providing that for a fee I'm investigator Joe Ducey ABC 15 News.

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