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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Organizations

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Organizations

Music hi everyone its Alejandra and I am standing inside of my very organized closet and I'm so excited to be giving you guys a closet tour today because I have spent maybe a little over six months trying to set up my closet trying to get it right trying to just organize it in a way that it's going to work for my needs and my habits and stuff so alright so I just want to show you everything that I've done here so I am standing on one side of the closet there's another side behind me or in front of me that I'm going to show you in just a second but this side this is where I have all of my drawers and shelves with baskets and then all my handbags up there and then the other side has all of the the hanging space and the shoes and the necklaces and stuff so let me just start with the drawers and show you everything so first off this system here is made by Ikea it's called the PAC system and it comes in multiple colors this is the black brown everything is customizable meaning that it has these little pegs on the side of the closet so you can you know you can always take a shelf out add a drawer or you could add a rod to hang stuff or you know you can move this higher or lower depending upon what you're storing so everything is just it's in the right spot right now and I really like the way it set up so okay so the drawer so up here is where I have all of my jewelry and accessories so I went ahead and I found all of these nice jewelry organizers from Michaels now I loved the color I love hot pink I love zebra print and leopard print and stuff so they were I don't know it was just fun it was matched my personality so I got them they were actually on clearance at Michael's I think they were maybe three or four dollars I don't remember but they have little sections so I have accessories like sunglasses jewelry boxes bracelets scarves belts and then over here I have rings bracelets some necklaces and earrings and stuff and then in the very front I have all my accessories that I use more often than some of my other accessories so I have like my small handbag like this I have this in black and beige I always use these when I'm just I don't want to carry a big purse I just want to carry something also keep those right here and then I have all of my hat so I don't wear hats too often but when I go to the gym sometimes overhead or just running errands and stuff so I have all of my everyday hats right here and then so that's the jewelry and accessory store and then the next one down is where I have pajamas leggings and sweatpants so I am a big leggings person in the winter I wear leggings like every single day and so leggings has its own section here and then sweatpants I'm always wearing slow pants also so slow pants are here and then pajamas pajamas are folded nicely over here and what I did here was I used these dividers these are spring-loaded dividers that they go inside drawers and they are they're spring-loaded so they can they fit multiple sized doors so they just keep the sections separated and then at the bottom of the drawer you can kind of see down here is where I have this shelf liner that actually it smells it smells like I think it's cute cucumber a lime so it just gives the drawer a nice scent and you just line the drawer and then all I did was use double-sided tape to kind of keep it down so it doesn't slide everywhere now something else you can do and what I've done here is every time I go to the mall which I don't really go to often but every time I go to the mall and I like I'm looking for perfume samples or something I bring home the perfume sample and I just stick it inside my drawer so if I didn't have that liner down there then I would still have a nice scent inside of the drawer so here's a sample one that I got from Macy's and I'm just going to stick it at the bottom of the drawer so now my drawer has a nice smell okay so that's the pajama door down here is where I have all of my undergarments so I've shown this on camera before and I thought it was kind of weird but whoever underwear socks bras and I have the same spring-loaded dividers right here so it kind of divides up you know the categories of stuff and then I have the same liner at the very bottom of the drawer that's you know it stays it stays in place with the double-sided tape and then all the socks are kind of they're color-coded like everything else in the store but they're kind of categorized in a way where like gym socks here fancy socks here or like dressy socks here and then pajama socks like these fuzzy socks are all the way in the back okay so something else you could do if you want to have like a nice scent inside your drawer is get these little scented sachets I think they're called that inkless is from Target or something they're really inexpensive and you just put them in the side of your drawer and so the whole drawer will smell nice and fresh yeah and then down here exercise there's really nothing special about that drawer and then tanks and tees okay.

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