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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Pdf

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Pdf

Ok so today we're going to learn how to use the photocopier to scan a document to PDF so that i can use it inside Google read and write so I've hit the home button on my photocopier and this is my menu and I'm going to click send in this case I need to be able to tell it where to send it I can either click email address entry and if I click on this button the keyboard will come up and I can enter my email address or in my case I've added myself to the directory and then it automatically comes up what I need to do next is I need to go to color and image quality so this is the math worksheet I want to scan and even though it's black and white I need to come back over here and I still need to go to color selection and switch it to full color if I don't do this it's not going to save as the proper kind of PDF double interact with Google read and write the next thing I need to do is tell the photocopier which data format I want it sentence i'm going to click here on data format and on file format i get to choose and this one here that says high compression PDF is the one I want to choose I'm going to click OK I've done all the data entry i need to do so now i'm going to put the document on here and i'm going to hit the start button and it's going to scan the document and send it to me ok now we back on my computer and i've logged in to my email and i can see that there's an email that says do not reply with taskalfa that's the name of the photocopier so i want to go ahead and open up that email from the photocopier and there is the document that I've scanned I want to save it to drive and in this case I'm just going to save it in my art folder so that I can find it easily and I'm going to click move I'm going to open up a new tab and open up my google Drive here is my art folder and there is my math worksheet and when I open it up I can see the google read and write I can icon loading and my menu bar is up here ready to you.

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