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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Percentage

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Percentage

Hi there so I know a lot of you already watched young percentage videos I already posted if you haven't seen those you can click set as if you're watching this from YouTube there should be a card popping up with the link to the entire playlist this one is just an explainer for the percentage question set one that I posted on Tim like a calm so you have it if you are not yet part of theme like on Facebook you can go to the beedo beedo beedo facebook.com slash team Lika every day at 12:01 I post a new question or a set of questions that you can practice on but to Python just to get you ready for the exam I posted this a few days ago and I just want to show you whom punished I solve let say I know a lot of you are still having a hard time with percentages so I will demonstrate the you compile shot I solve all right so let me just get my pen ready right here okay so I'm question is what is 35% of 160 75% and 160 61% of 160 22% of 160 and 30% of 160 so on totals and actually this question but I'm a job at a garage sale in Menasha and assorted to note but the reason why I posted sets instead of just one question so percentage because I really want you to get the hang of the technique hi so again I'm technique Jen if you are using the traditional method would be lap down s and off well go in your sometimes song in hand up is 35 point 35 times 160 20 75 times 160 point 61 times 160 or point 22 times 160 and point 38 times 160 so again you can solve it non long-cut pushing it multiply okay under the second pedal this is how I do it a high so let's start out with the first one side by 35% now 160 so I gotta win your LAN would be this okay you're 35 clipper breakdown kosha lungs it says number of things napa dim against omnia i can do 25 percent and then right now say 25 plus 10 is 35 to 35 percent ito hi bakit Kushinagar Ninkasi on 25% is just 1/4 none 160 so on 160 divided by 4 modeling see polygons dimension the Dynamo to invent that so this is just 40 so on 25% is 40 this medic on 10% a ton 10% it's just 160 you move my decimal place one step to the left so that is just 16 so 40 plus 16 so the answer would be 56 so you see we know 35 percent on 160 this is 56 okay so again until you know Mattias had economic ties on 75% okay you can do this a number of ways but then going in young 50% plus 25% alright on 50% I Cal had a 160 divided by 2 but Ali lang naman yung so that is 80 right so we have 80 plus your 25% NASA got nothing canina which is 40 so the 80 plus 40 the answer is 120 so this one is 120 61% okay 61% petty money divided in 61 but a mugging bamboo OSHA you can do 50 percent 10 percent and then 1% right because a 50 plus 10 plus 1 is 61 okay so 50 percent Sabina 10 is 80 10% is still easy because saying again in moving decimal place you and didn't go on an attic in canina llevaba 16 so you have 16 and then you have one percent one percent is just one decimal place away from 10 weeks I began come one point six 160 16 and 10 EMU move Malaysia one decimal place per left beginning one point six so the answer is 61% is all of these combined so you have 0.67 and then 9 so the answer should be ninety seven point six okay so leap at ISO 22 so you can again do this a number of ways but in your going 20 and 2 so I divide milazzo 5 um 160 or by the morning going 10 10 and then 1 1 okay so from 20 and to ungodly Nino you can divide 160 by 160 divided by 5 which is 5 10 15 3 and then you have 10 - so 32 times 5 is 160 again if you are good with your numbers lightning elemental clock 100 and so on 20% is 32 tapas 1 to percent ion same concept do satanica 1 is just 1 decimal place away right so when you move your decimal place nice on step you know 32 by eating three point two okay Polamalu mobis young 2% so 3.2 you can do it 35 point - you know 22 percent again content n11 same number down la la bus you know it's a sophomore you have 10 and 10 I 16 16 1.6 1.6 and still this would be thirty five point two for a whole London okay so you know 38 percent okay so you 38 percent you can do it Nong spread econ 25 okay have 25 hold on and problem walking sensor so you have 25 and then you have you can use 10 padam 1835 shot and then 1 1 1 so 25 now plus a patent is 40 and then 10 is 16 1 is 1.6 1.6 1.6 so you have 6 12 18 0.8 and then Kari Marissa 7 8 9 10 so 0 1 and then so you have 60 point 8 so 60 point 8 you 38 percent alright so I hope you learned something new today and if you did please click thumbs up if I get enough thumbs up you be sleeping with Sonia Dominic get it on explainer videos better than some questions that.

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