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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Preceding

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Preceding

Must adjectives in French come after the noun for example if you wanted to say the black cat we would say the black Nugent black however sometimes you have adjectives that come before the noun in French so today I'm going to teach you a little trick that is going to help you know when to use these adjectives before the noun okay today's objectives quite simple to learn how to position an adjective in French in a sentence so I'm going to teach you something the bags trick have a look at this acronym the bags trick most adjectives in French are placed after the noun okay this is what you have to know however some are not always these exceptions can usually be put into four categories using the acronym bags B a G s have a look at that B is for beauty a is for n G is for goodness and S is for size let's have a look at each one of them B stands for beauty so word such as Bell which is beautiful in a feminine form Bell which is beautiful in masculine weren't starting with an H or vowel bow which means beautiful as well in masculine form and Shirley which means pretty in a feminine form Oh Shirley without it II means pretty as well in masculine forms all of these words come before the noun hence the be in the acronym which means beauty you just have to learn them okay they're not that many of them now for example la surely fee a down low salon the pretty girl is in the living room as you can see jury is not placed after the noun fee but before because it belongs to one of these bags trick now here's another example je Bell at after mo will been is placed before a party MO and not after once again because it belongs to this big category I have a pretty flat in town now let's have a look at the letter a a stands for Ainge so weird such as view which is old in a masculine form VA which is old in a feminine form VA which is old with masculine word starting with an hol shun which means young in a feminine or masculine form OC OC n double and E which means ancient old a former in a masculine and feminine form all of these words come before the known so let's have a look at an example again an Abbott Don's in VA mizzen she lives in an old house surgeon um pal trivia before said this young man speaks French very well now once again as you can see the word VA and shown a place before the nun because it belongs to one of these exceptions adjectives that has a position before the noun if that makes sense ok let's have a look at the G so we've done B with an A but G stands for goodness so when such as boom which is good in the masculine form a bun ee + e good in a feminine phone movie which is bad or wrong in the masculine form of movies which is bad or wrong in a feminine form gentil IL masculine gentil feminine form they all come before the noun so let's have a look at an example la plea la movies route she took the wrong right Road worried Tom a donee la-born happens Tom gave the right answers as you can see movies is feminine and it is placed before the world good which is lahood feminine hands why we put movies with an e and same with born it's feminine double an e but la reponse I Ponce comes after okay and BOM come born comes before so again the position of the adjective here is before the noun now what does the S stands for s stands for the size so gone gone de ta ll a big masculine or feminine petite petite masculine feminine go goes which means fat ok masculine feminine all of these comput goes come before the nun as well as let's have a look at an example news even a bootie sha me zu c and Koshien we have a small cat but also a big dog have a look at pity and go both come before the noun sha nuns sha and ok she a shitty and go melanoma she I bought a big fat melon at the market now go comes before melon ok so we've had a look at bags the be AG s weren't so adjectives that come before the Nam I remember that most objectives don't they come after so it's quite simple you just have to learn that list in order to make sure that they come before the noun it's quite simple but let's have a look at an exception or exceptions more like it is possible to place some of these adjectives that we've just seen after the nun however their meaning then varies for example the meaning of Ostia go or pop will be different if placed after the noun so you could place it before it will mean something but you could equally place it after it will mean something else let's have a look at one example and nausea ami means a former friend and enemy ASEAN means an old friend so do you see the the subtility here of the language whether the word audience placed before it means something and osteons place after the noun it means something else okay that's it for me on the back street please have a look at this lesson again and try to remember those words that come before the noun but remember that most of the adjectives come after the noun in French all of our subscribe a bientot leave a comment busy bazoo salut.

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