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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Pros

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Pros

Right where you be gone hello there guys so for today's video I wanted to finally finally film a video that has been highly requested of me I was meant to film this about two or three weeks ago and I'm so sorry that it's delayed but I just haven't had any time to film any videos really if you look at my most previous videos they're either very short or they're kind of previous filmed videos I've finally edited and uploaded so you know I'm really really sorry about that but I'm here to film this video today so this video is the BTech versus a level video or a level versus BTech video now the reason why I'm filming this is because I have had the chance to experience both in a way I'm quite happy that I've experienced both because I can sit here and tell you guys my true opinion because a lot of people tend to lie about these things and you know what there's no point at the end of the day you want to get a good education a lot of you guys want to go to uni or you want to get a qualification and even if you don't want to go uni you might want to do an apprenticeship or just go straight into work but the main point is you want a qualification out of you're either a levels or college and so I want to give you my true experience and I want to tell you what I think about both of these what's it called education systems there go so to begin with I'm going to talk about a levels a levels are basically something that you usually tend to take within a sixth form but you do not have to take this within the six form you can take a levels in a college because sometimes they may not be six forms around you or you may not want to kind of go to a sixth one which is a joint place within a high school if you don't know basically six forms and high schools are together it's just kind of like the higher end of a high school I guess you could say so sometimes you may not want to go to a six month so you can choose to go to a college and take your a levels there that is hundred percent okay but basically a levels are exam based it is not about coursework you do have coursework in some areas but it's majorly on exam so for example you'll set your exams at the end of the first year or I believe it's changing from this year or I'm not too sure but it's changing when I had it you basically did exams every year so six one was two years and you know you do kind of half your exam so you get half your results the first year and then you the other half and it kind of adds up to make one whole grade I guess you could say so yeah so with a levels it is exam based you know you will have some coursework but it's purely supposed to be exam based it's testing your knowledge it's testing what you've remembered it's testing all of those things you go in you sit in exam you leave and that's about it that's your life done with an a-level so in comparison to a BTech a BTech is coursework based 110 percent coursework base for me my course was 100% coursework instead of an exam I know that they're starting to bring in exams and stuff like that but the whole point of a BTech are for people who can't really handle exams as well so they may want to you know just go for a course work based subject or course itself because they still want to go to uni but they just can't handle exams now I'm just gonna quickly tell you what happened with me so I did a level for one year I did a whole year availables I took three subjects I came out and I ended up failing two of the subjects and I've got an Ian the other one so I got to use and any I have no care in the world explaining this to you guys because I'm doing very well right now I'm going off to uni so I've done more for myself even if I have failed you know life does turn around it's okay and yes so I ended up failing too what basically to me I failed all three really because Annie's nothing I mean they say it's a pause but you don't really count that's a part so I got to using an e and what I then did was I didn't roll onto my second year well onto my kind of retake year of year 12 in a sixth form but last minute I decided to switch onto B Tech and I did B Tech for two years so basically I was doing six form / BTEC for three years because I had to retake a year which was the first year but I don't regret my choice so because I switched in this new course that I was doing now that I finished and I've completely passed on I ended up kind of doing a hundred percent coursework but it was really good for me because I am NOT an exam based child or student whatever you want to say and I came out of there with 2d stars and a distinction I was this close to a distinction star but it's okay because I got two DS stars and a distinction and that's pretty damn great it basically equivalent to like an a star a star and a I mean I could have never got that in a sixth form.

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