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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Pubs

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Pubs

Hey guys Brandon here with texas plinking coming at you guys again with another in real life video a little over a week ago we did fortnight guns in real life by the great idea of cameraman Ian and that ended up getting nearly four million views in just over a week so that did exceptionally well I don't expect this to do quite as well because for tonight is something on its own but I got a lot of people on that video that recommended do pub G in real life now I'm not much of a video gamer but I certainly know about pub G it's a pretty popular video game and I know of some of their guns in there so I looked into it a little bit more saw the list of the guns I saw between me and a couple of my friends what guns that we could represent in here so we don't have them all but we certainly have a few so here is kind of the array so certainly more guns than the last video a lot of the guns are carrying over as you guys can see from like the awm and the scar and all that stuff but we got some stuff removed and added quite a bit of other stuff as well so forgive me if I may mispronounce some stuff in the game but I'm a gun guy so we're gonna run through the guns so most importantly we are starting off with a cast iron skillet apparently in pub G this is a weapon and it can deflect bullets you can wear it on your back and it stops just about I think every single bullet in the game so I was about to use any skillet then a professional pub G player friend of mine said no you need a cast-iron skillet off Amazon so he sent me a link so 30 dollars later and $10 for one day shipping because I needed it today we have a cast-iron skillet so we're gonna see if a bullet can be stopped with this pan with all of these the array of different ammunition so let's put this downrange alright now that the skillet is in place I guess like I did in the last video we're just gonna run through everything real quickly and then dive into a little bit more as I start shooting it so we had a revolver 1911 m9 we have a Remington 870 shotgun this shotgun I chose because it doesn't really look as far as like the color and everything like the one in the game but 18-inch barrel looks like when you know you load it from underneath 12-gauge we'll talk about that but I think it's gonna best represent a pump-action shotgun we have a different Chuck and this is a double barrel but it's chambered a little differently we'll talk about that a K this is gonna have to be the m16 because you know a fixed buttstock AR platform we'll get into that this looks like an SKS but it's actually a mini 14 so maybe we could kind of cover both but it is a mini 14 action shooting five five six like the one of the game at 416 super hard to find this is gonna have to do this is a six-hour a are the overall handguard and all that stuff looks kind of similar we'll get to this because in the video game there is a scar but it's a scar light this is a 17 or a heavy this shoots a 760 by 51 the one of the games shoots at five five six so we're compromising we're gonna have a heavy and then we have an ACR which is scar enough not a AR shoots a 5 5 6 so we'll shoot both just so you guys me at the idea m14 our mark 14 BB are in the form of an m1 a get to that the m24 because this is a Remington 700 action like the m24 so we'll get to that as well and then of course the awm then we even have a crossbow you guys may recognize a few of these guys from last video like I said so tell any further ado let's get shooting starting off with the revolver so this is a Smith & Wesson 686 + + 4 7 shot 357 Magnum all right now for the skillet let's see alright so it looks like it shooting high but uh it just cracked off the handle so I must have hit it on the handle so don't know if in real life you'll be saved by it because the handle is actually just as thick as the main plate so let's keep it going next on is the 1911 so this is a genuine World War 2 1911 as well because I looked in the game and it looked like a older worn down 1911 let's chambered in 45 ACP she had a couple just around here and then we'll go to the skillet oh yeah that skill it's not gonna last so 45 ACP skill it's no match moving on to something more up to date well up today in the real gun but in the video game it is the p90 2 which is just a Beretta m9 variant but looking at the one in the game it's an older variants I was like a 80s maybe 90s model this is the m93 from beretta it's the latest one different color rail system threaded barrel a couple changes here and there so yeah chambered a nine-millimeter let's see what we could do with this oh man well again 45 ACP nine-millimeter straight through the thing all right now for the shotgun again I just went with the only 18 inch barrel shotgun I have but this one here specifically.

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