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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Pubs

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Pubs

Hey guys Brandon here with texas plinking coming at you guys again with another in real life video a little over a week ago we did fortnight guns in real life by the great idea of cameraman Ian and that ended up getting nearly four million views in just over a week so that did exceptionally well I don't expect this to do quite as well because for tonight is something on its own but I got a lot of people on that video that recommended do pub G in real life now I'm not much of a video gamer but I certainly know about pub G it's a pretty popular video game and I know of some of their guns in there so I looked into it a little bit more saw the list of the guns I saw between me and a couple of my friends what guns that we could represent in here so we don't have them all but we certainly have a few so here is kind of the array so certainly more guns than the last video a lot of the guns are carrying over as you guys can see from like the awm and the scar and all that stuff but we got some stuff removed and added quite a bit of other stuff as well so forgive me if I may mispronounce some stuff in the game but I'm a gun guy so we're gonna run through the guns so most importantly we are starting off with a cast iron skillet apparently in pub G this is a weapon and it can deflect bullets you can wear it on your back and it stops just about I think every single bullet in the game so I was about to use any skillet...