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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Quarterly

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Quarterly

Good morning, hello. I got a mess going on over here already. I am severely right-handed, and I had the nerve to have my tea on the left side. That was not going to work out very well, so I'll give you a moment to get on. Is it a fabulous day today? I'm super excited, so if you're watching the recording, feel free to skip ahead about a minute or so to get to the content. I do post these on my YouTube channel as well, so if you're watching on YouTube, thank you very much, and you can skip ahead too. But make sure you subscribe so you don't miss anything. Y'all see up there on my ceiling, my smoke detector started chirping, so I had to take that down. I gotta change the batteries in that. It's that time of year to change the batteries in the smoke detectors. So we're usually pretty on it with changing the batteries of the smoke detectors, but just not this time. Good morning, good morning. So yeah, after I get done, that's the first thing I gotta fix, is get my smoke detector back up in the ceiling because it's driving me absolutely bananas. Okay, so let's get down with the get down. Good morning, our bail out on enough. I said good morning, so good morning to you. So if you look into some travel help, Miss Arabella is your girl. And I have been a terrible, terrible client because I can make decisions over here. It is tax season, so at the time of this recording, it is tax season. So I'll blame it on tax stupidity. Okay, so let's get down with the content for today. They're getting, welcome to the show. My name is Lissandra Ever,...