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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Receives

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Receives

Some things don't exist in real life these days but you showed me if I you just find the fit I need to believe time is possible if you want a bad look this guy - hi test your lip like stop there I can see I'm sorry I am so confused guys um is there cameras around here I can prank right now I am so confused right now I'm actually speechless and I'm sorry I look like shit I literally just woke up my grandma told me to come outside because there was a big-ass box at our front gate okay let me try and break it down for you guys but I know you're gonna be confused like me so let's try to solve this together okay so there's this big-ass box right here right and inside the box there's like doggy what do you call it doggy necessities you can call it and they left a note right I already read the note this is why I'm even more confused so let me read the note for you guys so you understand why I'm so confused so the first page says happy second birthday princess L okay Ella's birthday was um a couple weeks ago so that's confusing itself okay here we go the second page hey ace family we are so sorry for our timing we know it's late but we watched your second video as soon as it went up and it touched our hearts so we decided to give princess Elle with one of our puppies so this is where it gets confusing so the note says they left a puppy here for Elle for us right but guys there's no puppy here where is the puppy this actually makes me kind of scared because a puppy is gone like a puppy's either someone stole the puppy the puppy got out on accident and is lost like this is actually kind of scary I don't know what to say let's let's continue her name is Nala but it can be changed to whatever you like she turns to next month and next week she will need her to munch shots okay so she is a baby baby guys I'm not gonna read like everything they said cuz it is kind of like personal and I don't want to put them out there like that but to like sum it up they said they drove like hours to drop this dog off and to gift Elle with this dog but we need to find out where this dog even is like I feel like asking the neighbors I don't know because that's weird like going up saying hey did you did you see a dog that's not ours I don't know Catherine L are about to freak out ace family I know we told you guys that you know we were in the works of looking you know to adopt a dog but not dropping a dog off in her house but I must say this was definitely a nice gesture like it was sweet love whoever it was to drop off a puppy and surprise us but I'm gonna have my grandmother call this number and figure out what's going on and I'm gonna be honest I don't know if I'm gonna tell the girls because they find out a puppy was dropped off here at the house in a box and it's no longer in the box alright guys so Katherine just asked about the box so I had to tell her and now we're all freaking out trying to find the dog we're gonna have my grandma call the number that they left and try to get to the bottom of this so we'll get back to you in a little bit alright guys so I know that Austin already broke down everything you guys but we just want to let you know what's going on so grandma just got off the phone with the person who dropped off the dog so we definitely know that the dog came last night which is good to know now we're just wondering when the dog left the box or or when the dog disappeared from the box or when someone grabbed the dog so we don't know whether it was this morning or last night so that's our confusion right now and we're at the point where we're like really really stressed out because we really want to know the dog is okay they said that the dog breed is a German Shepherd and husky so that's what we're looking for it's a puppy she's going to be two months in a week so that's what we know so far on Brown this light brown like a light brown she sent us a video so we saw like exactly what she looks like and right now we just have to kind of like I don't know I'm thinking maybe we should put like signs probably go ask the neighbors like I said earlier what's wrong you said you want to see the puppy huh we don't know there's a puppy then we're looking for a puppy I feel like she knows oh gosh who had her let's bring her inside let me see her you want to hold her got happy Ellis oh my gosh look at her eyes let me see maybe she has blue eyes oh my gosh she's beautiful let me see let me see you tell her to look up look up LS she cute yeah she is the cutest she had a long night look at you two oh he gave her a besito she's so cute look she's trying to explore look she's trying to figure out where she's at Luke oh she's tired so you happy we found her what you want take her outside so the neighbors has had her the whole time or.

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