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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Refund

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Refund

Over the last few years the main trend in the smartphone world has been to remove these bezels at the top and bottom of the phone it really has changed the way that phones are designed in the way that they are shaped now this phone which has got back bezels at the bomb I've got a home button which doubles as a fingerprint sensor but there's other phones that have got dual speakers and you know you saw that and all that HTC phones where they had really good speakers here by the chain that we're seeing now as because these greens are getting larger and that the bezels are getting smaller what we're seeing at the the the dual speakers are being a place without a single speaker there in the bomb the fingerprint sensor if it's not on the back of the phone and you've got a latest you know one of the latest phones then you may see the fingerprint sensor being placed under the glass this is something else it's coming out from China and Marcin the fingerprint scenes are being put onto the glass now at the top where on the top here you can get an unfair ed sensor you can get a microphone you can get your selfie camera the selfie camera is obviously the mean one near that they're having problems moving about and if enemy any of you guys watch the World Cup you ploy seen lots of advertisements of this the next and you know you can see here this one has got the pop-up camera of the other video but that's before and this was it's quite ingenious really you know when you need to take a picture and using the front camera because obviously you don't need to copy the back camera that's in the back that's not getting in a way of the screen but the front camera is and it's what's causing problems and they've used it here to pop up this one's also got the fingerprint sensor that was talked about there underneath the glass and these are beautiful devices and you know as I said lots of companies are doing this in lots of different ways last year Apple with the iPhone X they introduced the knotch and alloyed people hate the noise but that puts a you know the camera and a few other things at the top and then you still go out like Norfolk Asians like your battery and all that at the top a lot of people hear the note I had a for debrief later and you know I briefly with a note I didn't I didn't think it was that bad I got used to it but you know there's something you can do and I enjoyed when you came to add it back and it adds a black bar but again if you're having a black bar with the knotch kind of defeats the point of having a night in a flush place doesn't it so yeah the the the vivo necks a was quite a it was create a progressive with what we're doing with that a front camera the way that pops out and it really was a big selling point over there was advertisements for that all the time during the World Cup but the other four and a few months ago was that oh cool feigned X no place wise this one was quite expensive like look at that 770 euros no this was an absolutely gorgeous phone and what the introduced was a slider and there should be an animation here that shows you what I'm talking about yeah so that's one instead of having a pop-up camera you know this one has got a single little pop-up camera like that these ones have a slider and this isn't new proceed you know if you're the nokia phone at any point between the tooth you know early 2022 Tilly mm perhaps even early 2022 you probably had a fool in the heart some sort of sliding mechanism I had quite a few phones either Sony phone today the nokia phone at that it was very very common and all poor are introducing it again for the front camera it does make sense I think I think it makes more sense as well you can see there the receiver ranging sensor infrared camera everything you would normally expect to see here as and the slide-out part and it does make sense and I do think a slate looks a little bit better and as a little bit probably a lot more practical and a lot more secure than an end of edge of a little camera that could perhaps be damaged a lot more easily now this could end up being the norm we may start seeing a lot of phones having us it was reading news about the automatic to and look at that remained you have anything yeah it looks like they're all profaned X is going to inspire a lot of phones and so the owner on are a magic to that seems to have it and is also reading about the Shamim Emacs 3 which let's face it that I'll cope or profane decks and yeah so this is what happens in a fallen world one company takes a chance and well I guess you can see two companies taking a chance here the v1x and the Opel find X you know both of these phones were trying something new and both of these companies took a chance hello but gamma key I guess but I think that you know going by a lot of the new phones are coming out I think the Slayer one could end up actually being a standard feature at the very least I think we're going to see a lot of new phones introducing us and it's going to allow us.

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