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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Refunds

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Refunds

Music Shalom covering mine Stephen Vanunu you're watching Israeli news live here on world Harvest television network as well as airing on YouTube the very same broadcast very provocative message today return of the Nephilim and this is something that well quite frankly we've kind of gone into this a little bit here on Israeli news live before and most people think well this is just conspiracy theories until people like la Marzulli and Steve quale have actually brought the information now la Marzulli interviewing several soldiers in Afghanistan that actually claimed that they encountered a giant and had to fight against him and actually killed him so is it is this really going to happen are we is there some biblical evidence that shows that the Nephilim actually return and how did they get here we know they got here clearly from biblical accounts let such as Enoch we see in the book of Genesis and our own Canon we can see the Nephilim guy here through the Fallen Angels having promiscuity with women on the earth and they were born in the earth and of course then the flood comes and wipes them all out we're going to talk about that today but we're going to go deeper than just SAP if you're watching on world Harvest television network this is going to be a couple of parts on this series of not three parts because we're going to go into not only that but also what's going to happen even beyond that let's get right into this message today and just to share with you such as here frontiers of anthropology showing some of the remains of the Giants that have been discovered in the earth and not only have they discovered that but we see also in China science alert bringing out the the article here the ancient remains of five thousand-year-old giants discovered in China they've been discovered in Greece if it's in North America Saudi Arabia all over the world these skeletal remains of human beings are upwards to ten foot tall have been discovered and then people wonder you know when we read the biblical account especially in Joshua and back about before the flood that there were giants in the earth that yes this is actually true it's a very serious situation it's even more serious that they're returning now often we think of the biblical account of Matthew 24 when we're looking at what's happening in the world today Yeshua speaks about the things that were going to happen to his apostles he speaks about the wars and rumors of wars he speaks about the nation against nation Kingdom against Kingdom he speaks about the earthquakes and pestilence and in diverse places and but then he says something very odd he said these are only the beginning of Sorrows and I'm just paraphrasing for now we will return to that in a moment but as you read down in Matthew 24 that gives the entire scenario of what happens and the days that we're living in just before the coming of the Son of Man the return of Yeshua the Messiah he goes into another very interesting account and he speaks in verse 37 and 38 these words right here but as the days of Noah were so shall also the coming of the Son of man be for as in the days that were before the flood they were eating drinking marrying and given in marriage until the day that Noah entered into the ark now we know this because we can see this also in the book of Genesis a little bit but we really don't know what they were eating and drinking unless we use the Book of Enoch now the Book of Enoch is part of the Ethiopian scriptures part of their own Christian literature there but it's not been in our own Canon it's not been part of the Bible that we have today King James or any other of the versions that we have in modern English but oddly enough we know that the scriptures are these particular fragments were found in Qumran as well and not just fragments there were two books that were separate fragments found in the Book of Enoch but there was also a claim that there was a completed fragment not just a fragment the entire scroll of the book vina that the Bedouins sold to a Kuwaiti buyer one of the scholars did kuai was able to microfilm this book and able to authenticate that yes indeed it was very similar to that of the Ethiopia version and when I look at is I research these books that are not considered canon whether it be the NACA body text the Qumran scrolls etc I realize that we have a plumb line we have the Bible that we have today but these books often can help fill in those missing pieces or put the puzzle that we're missing back in connect the dots as it were just like in the case of the story of we find in our own Canon that Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver one part of the Bible and says he was salted Ishmaelites and another part we read that it's so he sold to the Midianites and you have to ask the question is it a contradiction or is there something we're missing over their own can and we would never really know but if you read the book of Jasher which actually was part of the 1611 King James Bible we find out it's actually both because yes they did sell him to the Ishmaelites the Ishmaelites got afraid and sodium to the Midianites for the exact same price they take him down into Egypt and sell him to Ponte fer so it was a little key piece of the puzzle that was missing that helps us to understand what's.

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