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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Reserved

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Reserved

Music hello everyone and welcome back to crystal news we have an update from Harvey Dent a lot of you guys may have known Harvey Dent from the very beginning and what his movement was about he has a update from when he deposited a check into his bank account and then he goes back to his bank account to find out exactly what happened and why his account was restricted now the only reason why we are sharing this video is because it shows proof - you are like the holder of the account your name is on the account your your first last name all caps is actually the account on the Federal Reserve now this is proof through the bank representative the person actually handles all of these wire transfers now she's not just a teller she's actually somebody that you know processes these transactions and verifies them so let's hear now what the conversation between Harvey and the bank representative was so that deposited when we try to collect it from yeah came back as altered in fictitious altered and fictitious as far as the check or um now if when you when you processed it through ACH of two points of authentication correct the the account number and the name on the account yes and they do a little more research like when it comes to what the signatures they look at the the page account but they didn't give us our fun the Federal Reserve name he did not pay with their funds so they returned it and they may not allow us to do so it wouldn't allow you to do what it electrifies okay um but the name on the account is the main same name is here yes yeah go but so hey guys in order is on there and unfortunately as the I understand okay but both basically what I'm doing is I'm investigating because the dental reserve and whether you know it or not has an account and all of our names for millions maybe more and I've been able to pay bills I've paid like $2,600 a PG&E I got a triple-a card with it so I know the account is there I know the account is in my name and I'm looking for like just some kind of some information I can gather from it in order to because I know it's a trust account and because well birth certificate when you're born your baby they basically kill you on paper and create a trust in your name and then like I don't know how much they put on you at birth but it builds throughout your life and you know it's and you know there's really no money there's only credit and debit yeah okay so but I also have a transfer a an amount inbound it should be around $4,000 so that should cover the 500 that I took out that was returned as well what was returns that's four thousand it looks like it was returned why was it returned I should have been returned as from me that was from a good source I mean it was come inbound so it should have been returned honey pull up an accountant and they explain why and easy for preserving yes Music this going to be the 4039 from we pay hmm I'm doing over here oh I know that's exactly how I feel well sorry one second one second I'm always asking me a question once again yes Delta I'm so sorry what were you saying sir no problem thank you the board focus the top of it okay so it'll really be focused awesome thank you so much all right about how long within a few minutes awesome thank you this is to hear about negative balance so they are randomly posting it right now we'll do it Hicks already in there that's a relief but yeah the Federal Reserve um Dave well apparently they're above the law they don't answer to a government body or entities but I am thinking about I'd like to file a police report for identity theft apparently well because they have an account in my name that I have no knowledge of or had no knowledge of until the time you hear about their despair would not have to do a lot of research into the whole Squaw Man thing yeah yeah things um while ago was it back in October of 2022 I'm living at diversity I'm like this sure looks like money and fell down the rabbit hole is you know and and that and come to find out it's true here's the account number in the Federal Reserve account number is your social security number so you use the routing number for any of the 12 a Federal Reserve location they have 12 region and and add your social security numbers the account number and boom there's your account no well yes not they didn't like the Czech people returned it no good it be put the same kuba yes they don't want they don't want people to know well yo I'm gonna do this it's fault just fraud the massive level and it's words been getting out and I'm surprised you got that in hand you guys had any no one's tried to catch anything through these Federal Reserve Bank by day CH no yeah because there is a word is spreading fast and it's kind of odd because it's like like before their well you know they're going to I don't know if they're going to do a currency reset or whatever but eventually the anticipation of the whole economic down turn and the currency reset or whatever yeah so yeah it's just a very odd time retirements just to find out about the accounts being there and now if you verify this in my name I paid bills before with.

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