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Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Summary

Frankenstein begins when a young man named captain Walton takes a ship into the Arctic Ocean he's hoping to make important scientific discoveries his ship gets stranded for a few days when a sheet of ice forms all around it to his amazement he and his crew see a gigantic man about eight feet tall driving a dog sled across the ice until it disappears in the distance a little later they see a normal-sized man on another dogsled chasing the first one this man is almost dead from exhaustion and exposure so they take him aboard the man is Victor Frankenstein Walton becomes friends with him and while Frankenstein is recovering he tells Walton his story Frankenstein grew up in Geneva his father had been an important figure in the government and they were well off he grew up with his cousin Elizabeth whom his parents expected him to marry eventually he had a little brother named William he had a best friend named Henry Clerval Frankenstein goes to a famous University in Ingolstadt where he becomes very good at science he figures out scientifically how to bring something to life though he doesn't tell us what the secret is he makes a creature using parts from a graveyard on a rainy night in November he brings it to life but he's so horrified by it that he runs away the next day his friend Clerval arrives at the University to begin his studies but Frankenstein becomes ill and Clerval spends all winter nursing him just as he's getting better at the beginning of spring he gets a letter telling him that his little brother William has been murdered Justine a servant in his house whom everyone always liked has been arrested because William had been carrying a locket...