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What Form 2220 Taxpayer

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Big and bold and controversial banning single-use plastic bags across half of Long Island the debates is heating up as the bill comes down to a vote CBS 2's Jennifer mclogan has the latest from happauge Polly Peck Industries produces plastic bags on Long Island made from recycled plastic bags and now it's 300 workers wonder if they will have jobs soon Suffolk County legislators were bought on a law to ban distribution of single-use plastic bags of volatile subject that has environmentalists squaring off against retailers and plastics advocates not only is it expensive but it's not made from oil which the Suffolk County Legislature believes it is it's made from a byproduct of natural gas claiming some reusable bags come with health concerns made of oil imported from China the industry tells us their side is rarely heard that plastics are targeted with false exaggerated and uncorroborated claims I'm a boater I see garbage in the waterways all the time but it's not just plastic bags it's all sorts of different litter and this law is only singling out there's one small percentage of a much larger problem but some lawmakers in Suffolk say science is on their side less than 1% of the 100 billion plastic bags Americans use every year are recycled most end up as litter or in landfills taking a century to decompose these plastic bags have become ubiquitous in our environment first off they pollute they're all over the place they're in beaches and bays they're hanging all over trees and shrubbery and they're in our parks and along our highways can pay for the environment says the bags have become a hazard for fish and birds time to ban them throughout the county that bill's sponsor William Spencer is also a medical doctor if we can take some of the burden of the pollution that these bags pose they block our sewer treatment plants they block stormwater runoff pipes if we can do that we're going to save taxpayers money the plan is to sell paper at checkout for 10 cents for reusable bags for 10 cents no more plastic the intense debate crosses party lines and has become so ferocious the vote now tabled may not take place until at least April 22nd Earth Day from happauge Jennifer mclogan CBS 2 News if passed the legislation would be slowly implemented eventually the Health Department could impose $500 fines on stores that continue to provide plastic bags.

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