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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 2220 Unpaid

Instructions and Help about What Form 2220 Unpaid

Does your current or former employer owe you wages or if they eventually paid you everything you think they owe you do they make you wait to get your final paycheck did they make you wait a day a week a month section 203 of the California Labor Code makes your old company liable for a full day's wages for each day they made you wait naturally it's called the waiting time penalty and it accrues up to a total of 30 days Saturdays and Sundays too so let's say you made 10 bucks an hour and you worked full-time that's 80 bucks a day right and let's just say they let you go on a Friday but it was the middle of a 2-week pay period did your boss say something like you'll get your final paycheck when payroll rugs next Friday and then send you on your merry way well that's seven days they made you wait and at 80 bucks a day it's also five hundred and sixty bucks that the company owes you okay now bust out your calculator if they made you wait two weeks then that's over eleven hundred bucks now check it out if they made you wait the entire 30 days to pay you everything they owe you what's that come to that's right 2,400 bucks now check this what if you made a whole lot more than ten bucks an hour what if you were making twenty five fifty sixty bucks an hour that's between six thousand and fifteen thousand dollars in waiting time penalties alone and that's even if they owe you as little as ten bucks for making you wait is this for real yes does your old employer want you to know about it of course not so how are you going to claim these unpaid wages and penalties well you basically got two ways to go either file a case in Superior Court or file a claim with the Labor Commissioner if you decide to go to court it means at least two things a lot of court costs and hiring at an expensive attorney for example just to file your case cost four hundred and thirty five dollars and have you ever gotten a bill from your attorney for photocopies the other path you can take is to file a wage claim with the California Labor Commissioner the main benefits of filing with the Labor Commissioner are no cost to file and it's made for you to represent yourself this is not to say you shouldn't talk to an attorney going to court might be the best course for you oh and speaking of attorneys if you pursue this claim is your employer going to hire a hotshot attorney to destroy it more than likely just like you your employer can go to the Labor Commissioner without an attorney but what if they don't maybe you're watching this because you already filed a claim and just got a scary a letter from your employer's attorney ever hear of the law firm pain and fears it's a real law firm no kidding how are you going to knock this hotshot attorney out the answer is simple head on over to wage claim dot ninja to find out more that's wage claim dot ninja you.

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