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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Adjusted

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Adjusted

Music hey guys so good to have you back it's been a while since I've had a video but today I'm going to show you how to do a clutch adjustment on a heavy duty clutch and it's going to be great so stick around to it so y'all expect all right I got my tape measure here first thing we're gonna do is measure clutch pedal free play just make sure inspector inspect you do the judgment without effect do it but the next video we're gonna do it anyways even if it's expense like to take my my tape measure run it through the steering wheel to this key on the way when I try to put it on the end of my boot like this if it work right probably not but and then wrapped around I take my measurement from the top right here right now it's at 26 and a half I'm gonna push it down until right before it engaged which is right there and now it's at 28 that's actually within spec for free pedal which is used about an inch and a half to two inches depending on your OEM manufacturers manuals but that that seems to be good so we're going to continue through the video and like that's out of spec we're gonna get it back in spec alright now we're going to go underneath the vehicle for the magic the truck here I got a makeshift measuring to mate 8 this bar that's going to measure the the free travel which is kind of as what controlled the free pedal of the calf that measurements got to be right and inspect in order to get the expect measurement for the free pedal we also need a flashlight for the start there this part is a half-inch bar that's going to measure the release travel underneath this for your clutch brake squeeze measurement is a 10,000 gauge fielder game is measure able to have a buddy in the cab that's going to press down the clutch pedal and pull that snug pull it out get that measurement right Music now we're creeping in here on the creeper and we have made it to the inspection plate you look right there here is your quick adjust right there that bowl you got to push it in and turn it clockwise or counter clockwise to adjust it see if you can see up in there I'm gonna use this bar to show you where to go we're gonna check the spec right in between this is you throw out bearing or release blank bearing so your Forks right here it's the measurement we're gonna take on this side and that is inspect you don't let that more than an H at eighth inch this is eighth inch bar now we're gonna check out the release travel by putting this in between there right there that should just be snug just right there that's how you check those measurements those measurements are correct now we're gonna check the clutch brake squeeze right there is your clutch brake on this side and we're gonna stick of 10,000 Spiller gage in between here right here and right here and have somebody press the clutch pedal down in order for this to be snow all right hey-oh release it all right I'm in there go ahead press it down all right see how it's snug right there all right barely release it all right that's also a spin now if you weren't in spec you would take the socket and push that quick release there quick adjust in turn it counterclockwise or clockwise whatever you need to do to get it adjusted right within spec now if you still have everything inspect and you're getting a lot of free pedal and all that stuff you're going to want to check and adjust the linkage for wear tear I mean things happen with any kind of moving mechanical moving parts you know things get wore out so you'd check that more than likely you would just have to really replace some parts now if you cannot get this clutch adjusted and it's slipping and you can't you just you're probably going to have to replace adjustments going so you get back on drugs but as always remember ever all right guys you.

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