When Form 2220 Adjustments
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When Form 2220 Adjustments

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Music good morning guys so today is my green card interview we're already here outside the USCIS office in Houston we left the house around 8:30 and it's already 9:30 to our appointment is 10:15 a.m. so if your application is based on marriage you need to bring your Wow it's my Robert this year and I also need the driver that's why she is here so hopefully there will be no problem on our interview of I got all my documents here and some photo albums so I'm gonna beloved again later after the interview and I will tell everything that will happen so see you later guys last December for we had our interview for my green card so today we're going to show you guys our interview experience right yep okay so there there are two parts of the interview one is she asks for some documents and then second part is the interview where she has question to us so the first part she asks for my passport so I have two Passport the one with my single name and the one that I use for for entering you as a using my k1 visa and then the new passport which is in my married name and the one that I use entering again us a with advance parole card so she look on those two passport and then she as for my birth certificate because there are some letters in my PS 8 birth certificate that are not readable right yeah so she has some words in my on my PS a birth certificate because she can't read some of those words and then she also as for Roberts birth certificate my birth certificate because it does say in there that about camera exactly the verbage but it was you we submitted a copy and then a copy of my original birth certificate which was from way back in the day and then and then we also decided that we would bring like a certified copy so I had called the county or the hospital it was a county where I was born which is not the state we currently live in I saw this was done like either over the phone or online I don't remember but they issued a new certified a new certified copy well the way they printed those birth certificates back in the day is not the way they print um now so when she had the copy that I submitted and then the certified copy that we brought the copies didn't match she was she was a little she was trying to have me explain that and at the time it wasn't I wasn't thinking that's what I did and I I really couldn't explain it ultimately once I sat down and thought about it that's what happened when I submitted the packet we submitted the packet with my original birth statement that I have here well I wasn't going to give them the only original copy that I had so that's why we called and got a certified copy well the difference between how those birth certificates are printed then versus now is different so ultimately either either be smarter than I was or quick-quick think quicker than I did and be able to explain that and had I been able to articulate that to her it probably would have been a topic of discussion or simply bring the original bring a certified copy as well and then that way you can give her and say well here's the one I submitted but I'm keeping this one here's a copy for you it just happens to be a certified copy that's issued today or recently that and the copies don't match because that's just how they do it they changed up how they did it and basically what it was is like the old forms had a bunch of fancy seals and stuff that were actually printed on the form on the bottom path of the page and now they just don't do that that bottom that bottom one-third of the page is simply blanking and they stamped it with whatever Ray seal thing they have nowadays so when I basically that's what it was on a birth certificate so I guess the symbol that up is whatever you submitted bring an original and then if you think that they might take it from you bring a certified copy just be able to explain if there's any differences and then our marriage certificate she also asked for that and then she as for my medical so I gave to her my medical result the one in the sealed envelope and then she opened it and she checked all the details on that medical result and then she asked me about TB test tuberculosis test she asked me how did they test me on TV she asked if they do it on skin test or blood test so I told her it's blood test because I don't remember they checked my skin for TB test so I told her it's blood test and then after that she told us what other documents we want to submit that we think that it will help our case right yeah so one thing with that is they pryou a list of documents that you need to bring with you and that was one thing that we did is I don't think we were we probably could have been a little more organized once we got in there we had all the documents with us but when she opened when she asked like an open-ended question maybe just to see how we would respond we were just kind of like caught off guard they give you a specific list of documents you'll get it when you get your notification she got the notification and it gives you that list bring all.

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