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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Amend

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Amend

Hi this is Mike aber thank you for asking me how does a Bui differ from a DUI they are very similar offenses in fact the elements are almost identical there are a couple of differences and three of them stand out significantly the first difference is the way that law enforcement comes into contact with the person that they're going to arrest on land there's always going to be some form of probable cause or reasonable suspicion which is required to satisfy the Fourth Amendment but this is not the case on the water on the later cops can and do use the pretext of a safety inspection to board search and even order the captain or owner or operator to perform tasks like running around the boat opening hatches getting required safety equipment and all of these observations not only can form the basis of the officers opinion of aberrant but they are also going to be admissible in evidence as observations supporting a subsequent arrest the second major difference is there's no boating license required to operate a vessel in Florida so unlike in the case of a DUI if you refuse to blow on the water your driver's license will not be suspended instead you will have a mandatory five hundred dollar fine and that fine must be paid within 30 days they will automatically become a misdemeanor offense a separate and distinct crime that you're going to be held accountable for third community service hours are mandatory in the case of a Bui unlike on a land-based DUI where a judge has discretion to convert all or any portion of your community service hours to a fine if you're convicted of DUI you must complete your community service hours thank you for your question I appreciate your asking it and i invite you to ask me more please remember at michael a haber PA it's all about reasonable doubt and if you like this video we subscribe we'll be putting out more.

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