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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Charities

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Charities

We're really excited tonight again if you come in since the beginning we have mark ver Clure and his daughter charity's going to be with us and Patty ver Claire Mark's wife is here tonight why don't you stand up patty and greet everybody she's part of the reason that mark is as awesome as he is yeah would you say Amen mark hallelujah and Lea why don't you stand up as well Leo is married to charity so praise God one could put a thousand of light - can put ten thousand in flight and these two are causing demons to jump off cliffs glory to God so let's put our hands together together and give thanks to the incredible gift that's in mark how many are hearing God's voice better because of his ministry maybe let's stand together an honor him as he comes thank you thank you so much it's good to be here amen a church had honors the presence of the Holy Spirit and has continued to do that for many years I love it if you love it's amen amen it was about 31 years ago when I was here in Toronto teaching how to hear God's voice in a church my teaching got done at five o'clock at night and I heard that Herman riffle was teaching that evening on Christian dream interpretation and that sparked my interest and I went over to his seminar and sat in and was odd because he taught me that you can hear God's voice all night as well as hearing God's voice all day and I was so thrilled we brought him down to Buffalo we had a video we videotaped him teaching 24 half-hour sessions on Christian dream interpretation and he was my mentor on Christian dream interpretation and I've loved the last 31 years because I have learned how to interpret dreams we started with Herman riffles video series a first couple times we taught it in our Bible school I just use his videos because he was the master he he had one rent he's a Baptist pastor he had gone to the Jungian Institute and Europe Jung has studied fifty thousand dreams and Herman riffles spent time there and learned principles of dream interpretation which he brought back the ones he felting a ground in Scripture and he was sharing those or some people say what could you learn anything from young because young was a non-christian well that's a good question can we learn anything can a non-christian have truth and he would know the answer yeah most definitely the Bible clearly teaches that God gave Pharaoh dreams Pharaoh was a non-christian he had Israel enslaved and yet God gave him dreams of seven skinny cows seven fat cows oh yeah God gives revelation to heed and so yeah we can learn from a heathen we can learn from a non-christian and Herman brought back some wonderful principles from from young a man who studied fifty thousand dreams in his lifetime so I learned from Herman and loved what he taught me after I died and to him three times teach a classic class at Buffalo school the Bible I began to teach it myself and just as Herman stood on Paul Young's shoulders and improved his message I was able to stand on Herman's shoulders and say a few things that I felt was a little clearer more helpful to me and now my daughter charity has been able to stand on my shoulders and yeah I clarify it even more Amen whoo yeah so how many know that's actually the way it's supposed to be amen we stand on the shoulders of previous generation and we seek to improve and present their message so we've got a few powerpoints to go along with tonight's session so just a few scientific observations of our dreams first of all we all dream about an hour to every single night and if we do it during light sleep now you may say I don't dream well if you say that you're obviously lying because you do dream because they in dream laboratories they can tell when a person's dreaming and the second line says the dream state is REM sleep which stands for rapid eye movement and that means that your eyeballs are moving around and the reason they're moving around is because you're actually watching as you're watching the dream inside your being these eyes are the ones that are doing the watching which is find that absolutist outting that God has connected the inner eyes of my heart with the eyes of my head and these eyes move when I'm seeing vision on the inside but what they've done is they wait they can wake a person up right after they dream at this one guy the dream laboratories eyes are going back and forth back and forth they woke them up after the dream and said what were you dreaming he said I was watching a ping-pong game all right so so you can tell when a person screaming and so they know that we all dream about an hour and a half every night now if you don't recall your dreams uh we're going to give you some hints tomorrow as to how to recall your dreams I'm going to give you one right now if you put a piece of paper next to your bed tonight ask God to give you a dream you'll probably have one when you come back to the Summer Seminar tomorrow and by lunchtime you'll have learned enough principles and watched us interpret three dreams live right here from the stage so that over lunch you can share your dream with whoever you're having lunch with and you can interpret the dream together with them so that's what I propose to you for tonight all right so light sleep is REM.

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