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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Circular

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Circular

In this video I'm going to show you how to type in a circle in Photoshop hi welcome back to the Photoshop training Channel I'm mrs. Ramirez in this video I'm going to show you how to type text in a circular path in photoshop believe it or not this is one of the most asked questions that i get in regards to text and photoshop so I decided to make a video on it this is going to be a complete guide showing you how to type in a path okay let's get started we're gonna work with this document that contains two layers the background layer and the simple design element before we get started I'm going to create guides make sure that you have your rulers enabled if you don't see your rulers you can go into view rulers or press ctrl or command R on the Mac to enable or disable the rulers then click and drag to create a horizontal guide and snap it to the center and a vertical one as well if you don't have snapping enabled you can enable it by going into view and make sure that Snap is checked also you can right-click on the rulers and select % and 50% on both the horizontal and vertical axes will show the center so that's something that you can use as well now that we have our guides we can create the path where we're going to type text inside of the circle so I'm going to select the ellipse tool make sure that in the options bar you have path selected then I'm going to click right in the center point where the guides meet and drag out then I'm going to hold alt to create a circle from the center that's option on the Mac and add the shift key to constrain that into a perfect circle so I'm holding alt and shift and dragging out then I'm going to release once I get to this point and I'm going to click on the horizontal type tool make sure that white is my foreground color and I can click anywhere on this path and start typing so I can type photoshop training then I can click on the checkmark or press Enter return on the Mac to commit the changes now this is the part that can get a little confusing but I'm going to go slow so that you can understand the concepts I'm going to click on the move tool and I'm going to show you what most people would do in this situation to align the text they will probably press ctrl T command T in the Mac move the pivot point to the center and click and drag to rotate the text and while that certainly works I don't think that's the most efficient way to work you can actually click on the path selection tool instead and if you click on the path that will become your new start point so notice how I'm clicking in the path and that becomes a start point of the text also like should I pointed out that my text is aligned to the left anyway I'm going to go back into the path selection tool so I can click and set my start point where I can click and drag this point which sets my start point my end point is here so I'm going to click and drag the end point to the other side right there then drag my start point and drag it here because I want my text to fill the top half of the circle if your text is too big you can go back into the type tool triple click to select all the text and just reduce the size of your text so you can use the down arrow key on the keyboard to decrease the size of your text or you can use the up arrow key to increase it so now my text fits within the top part of the circle I'm going to edit the text so I'm just going to type tutorial so that I can show you the next example and the reason that it's important to use the start and ending points is that you can align your text and let me show you what I mean by that now that I have less text you will be able to see what happens when I click on a line right the text aligns to the end point if I click align Center tech centers between the starting point and end point also when I have a line Center enabled and select the path selection tool I can click and drag the starting point and you can actually see the center point do you see that line close to the second P in Photoshop that is the center point so that's why I think that using the starting point and ending point are more then simply pressing ctrl T command T to rotate the text I'm going to click on the move tool now I'm going to show you how to type text on the bottom half the easiest way to do it now that we have the top part of the text finalized is by pressing ctrl J command J on the Mac to duplicate I'm going to hide the original layer then I'm going to select the path selection tool and click and drag the starting point to the other side click and drag the end point to the other side right there then when I get to this side I can simply click and drag inwards and notice how the text flips see how the text flips there and I can click and drag my end point there so now the text is here then I'm going to change the text and I'll just type by soos Ramirez and there's two.

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