Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Email

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Email

And welcome my name is logistic Maya and most people know me as Salado I would like to ask you for a few moments of the attention and if you could possibly see anybody in this video would you please share it on your social media if not with your email or your text message or just a support tomorrow as many of as many of you know I'm a father to two beautiful children a wonderful wife that I love very much and I'm an entrepreneur businessman local community supporter and I volunteer in our school and a garden program I also have a person who is come over hustlers so I'd like to get out there and I'd like to share with people certain ways on how to generate an extra income I worry for company called the a majority and don't worry this is not to get you into it but it is a part of the story youngevity is a california-based company that's been publicly traded for over 18 years and the founder of the company is dr. chu la la la la I highly recommend you to look him up and maybe we'd listen to a CD that doctors long fly so yep Jubilate is the mother company that has been around and is acquiring a different kinds of companies in different kinds of industries the latest acquisition he had made was a company called David Allen capital and it's a company that's a little bit off the track to which way the company was going but it also is on the track to the diversification of what the company is doing and it will be doing for the years coming up so David on carpet as a company that's out of the Michigan it's a fairly young company and it was founded by a gentleman named David rats David rats has been a veterinarian charity for a long time and after years and years and years going out there and been in the small businesses and being a member of multiple Chamber of Commerce's and doing things in the small small business communities are else he has found that businesses are no longer getting a capital when they need it available to run their own show if you don't know folks for past 10-15 years the big banks they don't want money the small businesses they're not getting any help from those big bags so who feels that mean David are on capital so in the next few moments I'm gonna share with you what is it that we do how does it benefits you and what is it that you can do about it okay so baby our own capital is a independent loan broker that helps small businesses acquire capital very simple small business needs a capital B for the need our process is different from this from those banks that it's very simple and it's very easy and it's very friendly and operational okay for us to get the loan from a small business we need a very little requirements in order for the business to apply for them to be to be to be qualified for the long they need to be in the 50 states of the United States of America no other country is allowed to give those loans okay which is pretty simple we also need to be in a business for at least a year plus there is some exceptions to blow here but the air plus will be the greatest thing and there will be in the business there are FICO score a person a FICO score has to be over 500 folks 505 Oscar edifice conduct right and they also need to prove that they make over $100,000 in a yearly volume and the business so you have a hundred thousand dollars coming through the business you've been in the business for a year you're in a 50 states then you got a five on the high net 99 point most of the times we will get you approved then we'll get you an approval in 24 hours folks it's a one-page application for the business it takes few things to put together they need a copy of grammar lessons they need a four months ago statements from the banking if you have a merchant account we accept the credit cards Visa MasterCard all that funky stuff that's that's required as well and they have to be in a good standing there was just a few things that are required for it sometimes we ask for the past year or taxes something landed so our company lands anywhere from 10 to $250,000 with one day approval minimum requirements minimum paperwork and it's an every two to three days to get the funding from the water to the bank of the customer how great is that folks and if you get involved and are capable of explaining to the small business or just you're one of these people who just goes to the pizza place and when you order pizza you trap overflying about the monism if you ever have any questions go to David Allen capital comm register on our website and look up fill out the form and we will get in touch with you within the next few hours ago but it's funny every single thing it's that simple if you like to go for full time it's available if you like to go for part time any time or just for some time this is the greatest thing ever the company is very look like that when it comes into paying up on the loans and that's what I'm gonna get into what's in it for you so folks we know the data aren't content is part of the activity which is a big big big big each pass the credential of the company has they long loans they are.

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