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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Employed

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Employed

Music Music members of council if I can please have you take your seats members of council this meeting is now resumed before the recess council is considering the mayor's first key item iax 29.1 on smart track project update and next steps before we return to that item I would take the release of member holds if you if you do have a release you can put your name up your quest to question staff does anybody have any quick releases councillor Davis it's trying to find government management it's on page 9 GM 23 point 23 pega construction limited disqualification from city contracts fair wage policy non-compliance I'd like to just release that okay on page 9 GM 23 23 so Davis is releasing on favor Carey Thank You councillor Layton yes thank you madam Speaker on page fourteen to twenty eight point six 722 750 and 783 College Street zoning amendment application I would just like to very quickly point out that this is legalizing three existing live music venues that have for decades been in nonconformity I'm so we'll fix that pending what is the request to our licensing staff to bring back a new licensing regime for live music venues so this is exciting good news legalizing live music venues in the city of drop okay so that's on page forty twenty eight point six councillor Layton is releasing on favor carried councillor Ainsley thank you madam Speaker on page six e x twenty nine point three zero Fleet Services Division 2022 capital budget two 18 to 2022 capital plan adjustments and accelerations I can release at Yam page 6e x 20 9.30 counselor NC is releasing on favor carried thank you now I do have a number of not yet okay all right before we start I believe that do we have 30 members okay I do have a number of members motions to be introduced we have 30 members but before I do that I just want to acknowledge it's my understanding that we have some students from Harvard collegiate are they here welcome and then we also have some students from York University working on a public policy research project with councilor Grimes and Nargis shopiere and Luca della Penna welcome okay so who's up first counselor 110 yes thank you very much madam Speaker I'd like to introduce this particular motion as the province of Ontario requires confirmation of the city's support support for the project by the year end favor carried councillor Carol oh there it is I didn't have a copy of this yes man speaker this is a motion that needs to be deemed urgent because it needs to get to the tea lab as early as possible okay I'm favor Kerry councillor Thompson Thank You speaker well there's a motion there that allows us to renew a grant program and it's urgent because it's free money Hey thank you I'm favor carried councillor Thompson you have another one all right right so speaker this is an opportunity for us to be prepared for celebration council Carroll says to blow stuff up pyrotechnics hopefully that the Toronto FC will win the game and we'll be able to celebrate and have fireworks in the square carried who's next councillor Cressy Thank You speaker this item is urgent it is technical in nature because any delay could impact the construction timeline for the completion of the YMCA on favor carried counter Krissy Thank You speaker this item is urgent as it relates to the legal description of the bylaw because any delay will impact the timelines for the construction of the project um favor carry counter Chrissy Thank You speaker this is the release of section 37 funds for the completion of a greening project it is urgent so that the work can commence on schedule favor carried pardon that's it okay before we start a stirred we have I just want to welcome student journalism students from Centennial College and its encounter Fraga does this Ward welcome thank you our next speaker counselor care Gianna's madam Speaker I'll speak from you okay start you can start thank you madam Speaker before I start I have motion that elective ok you can introduce your motion the City Council direct staff to include us part of the stage 5 report the opportunities for city to work with private sector developers including the opportunity to prcommuter parking integrator with a larger developer development concept associated with Landon's require to construct new local access roads on the east side of French Kennedy station madam Speaker the reason that I'm moving this and I was going to if I can have this the staff but ok this is the map if you look at two points point number one and point number two point number one is Shepherd and Kennedy there's a ghost station right there we own property we own 90 parking spots that we're selling to Metrolinx and we're releasing that at 2 million 38 going a little higher at this area right here which is the Finch in Kennedy which is about 2 kilometers north of there staff came to talk to me about proposed Co station and the situation was that we're going to have probably about 220 230 parking spaces they evaluate it and they were told by Metrolinx that that could cost about thirty million dollars including a loop of the buses that the numbers gone a little bit south so when you look at down here on the south end if you look on the south end 90 parking spaces two million and when you come up here 220 spaces comes to about anywhere between six eight nine million whatever it is and we were told this morning we don't know about the number but we will speak offline that certainly has me concerned it has me concerned when we look at designing a go.

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