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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Exemption

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Exemption

What's going on guys it's David and today it's March 4th out once again doing some retail arbitrage for Toys R Us March it as far as the promo goes for the 10% on Thursdays at today's Friday with 10% on Thursdays it's gonna end in March as far as what their science say so I got to come every Thursday just to get on that deal but today we're gonna open up if you open up like a MasterCard or something you give 80 percent off so we're using that for the rest of the day so hopefully that lasts for the rest of the day because when we open up the original Toys R Us credit card that lasted us the entire day that 50% off so hopefully we get the same deal on top of we're signing the resale certificate so we could get the 7 percent tax exemption and yeah hopefully we could find some good deals today too so we just finished up we spent four hundred twenty three dollars there unfortunately we couldn't get the 15% off because something with the upgrading got denied so we have to call a bank to approve it there to get the fifteen percent off but we did get the seven percent tax exemption so kind of cancel each other out and this place was just straight-up wiped out we just went deep on one certain item and then that or one or two items and that brought it up to like four hundred something dollars so I don't know hopefully it solve it before the next one if not not the worst thing in the world because we're still gaining like you know fifty percent maybe you were forty depending on defines on top of our gift cards and on top of the redemption point the points that we're stacking up on the card so it's still a good deal so since the disclose RS manager toilet told us that it's really it's not possible to get a 15% off by upgrading kind of makes a point let's to go to Toys R Us today but Music that's where added anywhere that they were still not go to all the Toys R Us is but you know as we're not limited to that because the one in previously the cashier was like if you upgrade to like some MasterCard or something you get an extra fifty percent off for that day so there's nothing like that so if there's miscommunication or just maybe one stores doing in that one stores not I doubt that that's the case you know Connor Owens the day for just singling it out as we went that's it did before and that fifty percent but it's still pretty good because we're racking up points which leads to cash redemption points on earth every time we spend we get redemption points on our card plus now we have to 7% off so we're technically getting this roughly even amount compared to most Thursdays but you know what could be getting more I can't get too greedy next Toys R Us yeah alrighty we spent five hundred and eleven dollars at this store it was two shopping carts full off to the next one it's four o'clock kind of hungry but we'll see how many ways we can hit yeah but we're gonna eat Wendy's and the next Toys R Us is around 33 35 minutes away so it's four o'clock so once we eat and get there's probably gonna be five something if I have something and if we do that and then one more after we should make it by nine before closest but I got to go home for this family thing by 10:00 so hopefully we can finish by 8:00 and then drop all this stuff back at the warehouse five o'clock reached this Toys R Us Lego just got finished up it's around 650 ish we spent four hundred and seventeen dollars on in there just for the products but they still have Nintendo switches left so we ended up like two more Nintendo suits you that three hundred twenty dollars each so that's another six hundred forty dollars that we spent on the switches but I asked the employee at the previous store when the next batch of switches are coming in and that's they said Monday so we have to flip it over the weekend hopefully because the supply is gonna increase and that's not good as far as investment goes you're playing the game it's wonderful what you know I don't know how trustworthy that word is but yeah I'm not gonna risk it right now it's I'm only getting like 100 something if I sell that at this point and I have like four now so then to flip these today and tomorrow tomorrow by tomorrow or by Monday ish so hopefully I could if not I'm pretty sure there's still gonna be a lot of demand and less a little supply so hopefully it still save stays relatively the same we'll see seven o'clock here at a final Twitter us alright we finished up its request 778 dollars it's freezing out here car is packed in a top if not a cloth has to be home by 10:00 but I don't know what we're gonna do Mike go drop these off or or might go tomorrow one of the others kind of risky leaving all this out but we'll see anyways for now I think that's it so peace.

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