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Our galaxy consists of hundreds of billions of stars and trillions of planets there's something deeply disturbing about the idea that we might be the only ones living in it you Applause so today we were toned to the Fermi paradox series for the forced in a short series of episodes discussing all the possible factors which might contribute to making technological civilizations like our own extraordinarily uncommon we have looked and will discuss more in the future some possible ways in which we might be surrounded by advanced civilizations and just not be aware of it we can never safely discount the possibility that they might drop by four visits if indeed they have not already done so however the Occam's razor approach to the folly paradox the seeing contradiction between the immensity of the universe and the appearance absence of any other advanced civilization than alone is that there just aren't any close enough for us to detect that's not really a big problem in and of itself after all we can't even see most the equipment's we left on our own moon half a century ago let alone buildings on other planets around other stars and we certainly have not built anything on other planets yet no man has ever traveled for though then I'll old moon and except for those twelve and some hundreds who have travelled a couple hundred kilometres over the planet to low orbit nobody has yet left our own homeworld we don't broadcast our signals very loudly and indeed they have gotten quieter as we've gotten more advanced since efficiency encourages us to make them ever quieter and harder to recognize as a signal we'd have problems hearing our own transmission with our own detectives much further away than our immediate neighboring star systems taken at face value it's not much of a paradox so long as technological civilizations also common that virtually every stall hosts one there could be a billion of them in all galaxies alone but this is not the actual Fermi paradox and never has been people get lost in that a bit the paradox arises from conversations and speculation beginning around the mid 20th century as we started getting an idea of how truly old and huge the universe is and also with the growing recognition that there was actually the possibility of reaching out a planet and living on them it is the awareness of this possible expansion that creates the paradox if you believe we won't colonize our own solar system let alone other ones then there's no real paradox the fully paradox is more properly known as the foamy halt paradox because it was Michael hulls conjecture back in 1975 that fully manifested the real paradox we had landed on the moon and were discussing the creation of bases and colonies on other planets the force-sensitive interstellar ships wore on the drawing table looking at that he pointed out that we should expect all civilization to generally seek to expand and make uses of place with no life on them as new homes for humans and their fully feathered or scaly cousins we do seem to want to do this and it does appeal possible under known science which is steadily improving the basic nature of biology seems to imply that other non terrestrial civilizations should tend to feel the same way any critters who have successfully clawed their way up Darwin's ladle ought to be strongly inclined to want to spread out and reproduce this should hold for any natural alien biology as well this is the paradox and it gets far worse when you come to realize that colonizing other planets is advantageous and doable but far less so than constructing vast swarms of artificial habitats to take advantage of all the sun's light that is not hitting planets which is very nearly all of it earth gets only a billion of the light the Sun makes access to such power levels makes interstellar travel viable even without improved technology as we've discussed elsewhere and continuous improvements in computers and robotics makes that travel or the construction of such swarms often called Dyson swarms far easier now up until the day we actually have a colony in another solar system that builds its own county ship to send folks for the out or have vast swarms of habitats whose combined living area grossly exceeds data for it is an entirely valid objection to say we can't be sure if such expansion waves are possible from a practical standpoint we have had the technology to land people on moles since we went to the moon or to establish a base on the moon yet we have done nidal so capability does not imply practicality however on this channel I've spent dozens of episodes talking about getting off of off constructing habitats terraforming planets and building interstellar starships we've always vigorously confined ourselves to known science when doing this Boeing a few looks at concepts like warp drives or wormholes if you are a channel regular you probably feel pretty confident that interstellar travel is within reach and that we can overcome those challenges to settle our own system and even a whole galaxy so to restate our problem if we can see a clear path to soon achieving interstellar travel as a species a species that has evolved in a relatively short period of time on the cosmic timescale and if there is similar life out there in the galaxy then all galaxies should be saturated with other evolved species who have already done so so where the heck are they nor does the paradox end at the galaxy's edge and later the summer we will look at intergalactic colonization and show that it is viable under known science as well and we never know when some new Einstein might emerge to show us easier and faster means of space travel the.

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