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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Foundations

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Foundations

The first task following the arrival of your new Noelle simulator is to ensure you have received all of the separate equipment that comprised the Noelle package. To un Noelle, lay the large cardboard flat on the ground and remove the staples securing the lid. Stand the tall with the product labels facing opposite to the floor and slide the blue case out. Place the protective case flat on the ground and unzip the lid along the top seam. Remove the foam cover and access the accessories packed in the midsection. Now, remove Noelle from the case with the assistance of at least two people. Once Noelle is on the bed, unscrew the knee bolts and install the lower legs. Noelle is equipped with an internal battery that provides up to two hours and 30 minutes of backup power. This internal battery allows participants to move Noelle between rooms, complete a delivery while in transit, or run an entire untethered simulation exercise. In addition, Noelle features a wired communication port that allows the simulator to be operated in environments where wireless communication is strictly prohibited. To finalize Noelle's setup, connect the AC adapter to the power connector located on Noelle's right side. Accessory pack number two includes the following items: the cesarean section abdominal cover, the fetal palpation abdominal cover for Leopold inversion exercises, and the postpartum abdominal cover. It also includes three episiotomy suture trainers with medial lateral left, medial lateral right, and midline incisions. Additionally, it contains epidural and c-section insert replacements and an elevating pillow. Accessory pack number three includes the following items: the tablet PC used for controlling Noelle, the RF communication module, and the optional wired communication cable. It also includes a headset for streaming voice, the Noelle user guide, and the maternal and neonatal simulation training guides....