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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Governing

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Governing

Music Music Applause thank you very much we gather here at a critical time in the evolving story of humanity's existence on this finite planet of ours a planet whose climate we are changing for the first time in human history a majority of us now lives in cities so the urgent call for a more sustainable future and also urbanization are now joined in one critical movement and it is a movement that cries out for more effective governance and a new way of leadership 40 years ago Robert F Kennedy said that it is from the numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped each time a man stands up for others or strikes out against injustice he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope well over 40 years ago that was true but it's not quite so true anymore those diverse acts of courage they're not so longer numberless we can number them not only can we number them we can map them not only can we number and map them we can measure the individual Ripple its individual effect and the cumulative effect of many ripples that amount to a tidal wave of change there are two key developments in technology that have come about relatively recently that have dovetailed really to change the whole nature of leadership and governance they are our ability to model belief space and the ability to uplink individual actions through the cloud let me explain what I mean believed space and the cloud this is a map in fact it's a screenshot from my iPad every Monday morning I traveled to Georgetown University across the rush hour of two big metro areas and if you lived in North Baltimore in my neighborhood and I told you where I was headed in the morning my neighbors would tell me oh you can't get there from here so what do I do I do what we all do now we don't even think about it I plug in the address and a little voice in my iPad let's call her Mary tells me exactly which way to go and how to get there quickest and you know what Mary's never wrong sometimes the map changes right individual effects road closures accidents those sorts of things the speed with which other people are traveling across the road in front of me all of those things get uplinked into the cloud and come back into the belief space that tells me how to get to my destination relatively on-time if I left relatively on-time all of these are new technologies our kids may think they were here forever they watched the little uber car come to them and assume that that's always the way it was but you know back in 1999 when these new technologies were admittedly rather primitive and just kind of dawning I was elected mayor of Baltimore City at a critical time in our city's history 1999 we had become the most violent the most addicted in the most abandoned city in America and with 88 days to go and 7% name recognition I ran from arrogance to much more popular and better known african-american candidates then as now Baltimore City is in a majority african-american city then as now I am white so these things just weren't done then but we ran a campaign about justice and injustice the injustice being that we shrugged our shoulders in aqueduct there was nothing we could do about 350 young african-american men dying violent deaths on our street we believed that we could change that and we saw that they were already changing that in other cities we saw what they had done in New York with performance measured policing putting the dots on the map where the crime was actually happening regardless of race and deploying police assets detectives Patrol doing it in a timely fashion bringing people together in collaborative circles with a cadence of accountability around that emerging truth of crime to take better actions to save more lives and after winning that race we set out to implement that in Baltimore now when I won that race I want actually all six of the council districts including those of my two opponents and the Washington Post greeted my come-from-behind against all odds victory with this headline white man wins mayor of Baltimore and the next day they apologized in print for the first time and the last time they ever apologized to me and ironically it was for a 100% accurate headline so when I was sworn into office we had to act we had to act quickly not only did we implement this new way of governing in our police department not only did we set Baltimore on a path for the largest reduction in crime over the next 10 years of any major city in America we asked ourselves what if what if we also use this same method of collaboration and getting things done when it came to trash when it came to potholes when it came to identifying where children were poisoned by lead year in and year out and yet we acted like there was nothing we could do about it so we brought this new way of governing enterprise-wide for the first time in a big American city we dubbed it city stat CIT is ta T for those of you spelling along at home and if you were to google that word you'd find it popping up with 350,000 entries all across all across the country indeed around the world in fact almost all big cities in America now have a 3-1 one Center on the front end for citizen complaints and they operate on the back end with that collaborative map of performance measurement that dynamic model of belief space there is emerging all across our country a new way of leadership the old ways.

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