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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Governments

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Governments

Music Applause the rice of extremist parties and politics populism protests the poor economic performance of some democracies and the messiness of democratic politics stands in stark contrast to the seeming tidiness of societies and better economic performance of some non democracies Applause that is the democratically elected parliament of Taiwan and their legislators getting very excited about a recent budget bill debate this and other recent global events have made frustrated citizens of democracies ask the question is democracy failing to deliver the goods is democracy in crisis is democracy at a tipping point I remembered very very clearly as a young kid growing up in Manila Philippines when the military and the soldiers with their tanks rolled in my neighborhood streets to set up a checkpoint as President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law and established his dictatorship I remembered very very clearly when my father together with the neighbourhood men were all called down to line up on the streets being vetted and patted down by armed soldiers as a little kid the fear of being so helpless in that kind of situation is simply simply unbearable yes democratic politics is messy our demands are so many and we're very noisy our economic performance it's not particularly great but democracy is still the best system of large-scale governance anywhere surveys have shown us globally that citizens of democracy support their democracy even in Taiwan this young democracy of Taiwan where we just saw that very interesting clip journalists love to report that stuff it leaves Taiwanese kind of shaking their head and even some nostalgic about the authoritarian era but surveys upon surveys conducted by my colleagues at Taiwan's election study centre shows that Taiwanese citizens are very supportive of their democracy global survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre in 2022 also shows that majority of Democratic citizens support democracy countries like the United States Canada UK Germany France Australia majority of their citizens support democracy even in our own neighborhood of the asia-pacific the young democracies of Indonesia South Korea and the Philippines majority of their citizens also support democracy indeed this support for democracy is justified because the democracy delivers the goods when we compare democracies and non democracies on average democracies are wealthier they have higher level of human development democracies are less corrupt citizens of democracies are happier and healthier and citizens of democracies enjoy more human rights so why didn't all the complaints and grumblings about the failings of democracy the pessimism about democracy in part it is because of the perception of the gridlock and stalemate in democratic politics the unresponsiveness of public policy politicians that seem to be detached from everyday lives and do not listen to the common people which leads to political alienation and in some way the response is the rise of populism and extremism which leads to further pessimism and the fear that democracy may be degrading yes the rise of populism and extremism may degrade democracy it may even threaten democracy but if we look at it from another another perspective it actually shows that democracy is quite resilient the resilience of democracy is evidenced by the voices of the silent rational majority during elections and voting time yes these populist parties and extremist parties may have gained some ground in some democracies but overall these type of political parties find it difficult to form government on their own and if they are part of a coalition often find themselves needing to compromise to come up with acceptable policy constrained by their other coalition partners and even pay the price in a succeeding election non-democracies often witness large slings and volatilities in their policies like a pendulum unhindered unencumbered unconstraint checks and balances and accountability are simply absent in non-democracies democracies prcredible constraints and credible commitments in order to limit these wild swings in policies history is full of examples when non-democracies get their public policy so wrong with disastrous results China's Cultural Revolution where more than 500,000 people died more than a million people persecuted and sent to labor camps shows to us the weakness and critical flaws of a government of the one or of the few that is unresponsive and accountable and unconstrained in contrast the simple use of majority voting that we use in democracies for decision-making allows us to be correct more often than we are wrong elections and voting are away democracies make decisions in like an economic market we're in the democratic political market offers us many options many choices all on the table for all of us to choose from the richness of the variety of options for us shows how dynamic our democracies are and in the process of selecting the silent majority wins and often times it is the median voter that wins and this position is more tolerant and more moderate of course this is not to say that the median voter or the voter cannot be influenced a society change values change voter preferences will change but radical changes in the median voter position hinges on two things the vote and the vote now what do I mean by this simply put if all of us vote then societies but the societies middle position will win out and that often is the median voter position more moderate and more tolerant however if only some of us vote most of us do not vote then the voices of the few will drown out the voices of the many the median position of a small turnout election is very different from the median position of a large turnout election so when a surprise election result do pop up often times one the reason it's low Turner so why do we blame democracy when we should actually be blaming ourselves for not going to vote during election day now what about institutions and structure of government we constitutionally engineer and create these institutions to.

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