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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Mileage

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Mileage

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel and welcome back to my marathon series Music you Music if you guys are new here hello and welcome my name is Becca I'm a registered dietitian so I make lots of nutrition and health as well as some lifestyle videos and now I'll be making some frequency running videos here on my channel because I am gearing up to run my second marathon in a few months and I wanted to kind of share with share with you guys this process that I am going through so if you guys haven't seen the first episode in my series yet definitely go over and watch that I shared my top tips on health to get into running and if you're going to run basically all the things that you really want to know and be aware of so they are super helpful so definitely go watch that video if you have first but for today's video the topic is going to be all about my training program what exactly I'm doing what I'm using how I'm building mileage and then of course if I'm doing any other exercise other than running like strength training which I am and I will get into but just to give you guys a quick rundown how these episodes are going to go from here on out every episode or video will have its own topic like today is going to be all about how I'm training I also want to do a whole video on how to eat and fuel for running also like you know how to get good at run and how to actually enjoy it water all my tips for that I have so many topics that I can't wait to dive into and kind of discuss with you guys and teach you guys about but also in every video I'm going to be sharing one tip just something that I'm learning kind of along the way or something I think is just really important to know I already shared all of my top tips in that first episode but I'm also going to share an additional tip of each video and at the end of the video I will just kind of give you guys an update on where I am my training how I'm feeling I thought all of that good stuff okay so now to actually jump into the video so as far as my training I am following one of the hell higdon guys I mentioned this in the first episode and I said I was going to be following the novice Wan guide which is what I used and followed for my first marathon but actually I changed my mind in like first week and I'm actually going to follow the novice to that so not that much more difficult nothing crazy but it is just a little bit of a step up and I just decided that I wanted to just kick it up a notch with this next marathon and just challenge myself to slightly more so I will be following the novice to guide I will link it down below underneath every single one of these videos in this series so you can always go on there if you're curious to see like where I'm at in my training and what I'm going to be running that week my first week was the week of June 5th so from there on out the weeks will just kind of follow along so for the training basically I have four runs every single week I have three midweek runs that are shorter and then there is always a long run on the weekend so typically the shorter runs in the midweek there's like two short runs one medium run and then the long run is all the weekend so you kind of gradually build mileage as far as the midweek runs and with the long run especially but there are a few longer runs that are like drop back weeks so you'll run like a little bit less but for example I am in week two right now I'm not totally sure when this video is going up because I'm pre filming a lot of videos are announced we're about to communication so I'm not sure which week I'll be in when this goes live but right now I'm going week two so I have a three mile run a five mile run another three mile run and then a nine mile run so obviously that leaves three other days where you're not running so one of those days I do a strength training workout I mainly just work my legs and then also do some core exercises and then there are other two other days that aren't taken up and those are like cross-training days you could do you know elliptical or you know I personally just do walking it's just something that's not running you don't want it to be something that high-intensity like for example tennis would be a terrible idea it's a lot of like you know it's hard on your knees so you want to do something that's easy it's not running and it's not going to put too much stress on your body but basically just to get you moving so if you look at like the help Higden guide he you know assigned certain run to certain days I don't follow that exactly I do follow the mileage for the week and distances of the runs but I don't follow it exactly so for example my training breakdown every Monday I view a short run so for example this week would be three miles every Tuesday I do the medium run this week would be five miles on Wednesday I do my strength training workout legs and AB and then on Thursday I do the other short run Friday.

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