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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 PDF

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 PDF

Hello my name is Angie we have a lot of clients that use our products that digitize and store their supplier invoices so I thought it would be a good idea to put together a series of short videos showing how scan to PDF can be configured for that purpose this video looks at the simplest solution we have which is ideal when you have less than a hundred invoices a month and you want them stored electronically so let's have a quick look at how the supplier invoices are filed so here you can see we have a folder called supplier invoices on the d drive which contains PDFs or each month for you so if you want to look at the stored supplier invoice for let's say jun 2022 you just open the PDF and then we're going to scroll down the thumbnails until we find the invoice that we were looking for so now let's have a look at how we are going to create these PDFs so over to the scan PDF program and we can either scan directly from your scanner or if you don't have a scanner you can use your camera or your phone to take photos of the invoices and then copy them into a folder so just to speed up the demo I'm going to import some images of my supplier invoices from a folder so important folder and there we have our invoices so now I'm going to tell the system which month and year these are voices belong to so we're now in March of 2022 click OK and we should then see the PDF being created in the supplier invoices folder and there it appears any additional supplier invoices we have four marks 2022 these can easily be added to the existing PDF so let's just use the scanner I'm going to scan a single document scanner warm-up probably hear it in the background up comes the image and is defaulted to the last month and year i was using which is just saves a bit of time click ok now that last invoice will have been added to the last page of the march 2050 PDF next I'm going to give you a quick little bit ly settings behind the scan to PDF program so if you're not using a scanner then import folder is where you would drop your pictures of being voices so these are the images captured using your camera or your phone camera if we look in the Far language settings here you can configure the output path the folder driving of the PDF files you're going to create and within the documents indexing plugin this is where we construct the data entry window so in this example we've entered the month in the year but we can configure quite complex data entry screens using using these menus so I hope that's given you an overview of a very straightforward solution to scanning and storing your supplier invoices there's a full download available over at scan to PDF com not put up a link at the end of this video to the page that downloads available from so thank you for watching and if you find this useful.

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