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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Periods

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Periods

I've been sitting here all day long and this is what I did today we are going to be free bleeding that means we're not going to be using any period products at all we're just gonna let it all out and everyone's gonna be there for it if I couldn't have any period products I know that my period would be so messy whenever you're caught in the situation without a period product it's always just like a feeling of panic hitting a period is hard enough even with all the tools I have at my disposal we're gonna be kind of exploring what that means did not have period products my period lasts for seven full days it's usually the first three days or like what's up lately I've just been using a deeper cut I'm a tampon girl I use extra super absorbent tampons extra super absorbent pads I also have decently bad cramps so I'm oftentimes popping ibuprofen of some kind or another I don't know if I'm more nervous for the questions people are gonna ask or the questions that people are not gonna ask like what are they gonna think so many people have like a visceral like disgusted reaction when it comes to periods the much cuter when they're you know actually being used for an adorable little puppy rather than my personal external diaper you know how in like pad commercials they use blue liquid instead of red blood it's not gonna be blue it's just because they knew it came from our version of it I'm an Alaska and I'm Margo Lane and were the cofounders of conscious period a conscious period for every box of organic tampons we sell we give back to women who are living in homelessness right here in the United States Music twenty six point four million women of menstruating age depend on food stamps in the United States and because government assistance programs like food stamps don't cover period products about twenty six and a half million women have a hard time affording these essential items tampons are taxed as non necessary or luxury goods in 38 states out of the 50 states in the United States and then there's also sort of extra tax on tampons in other countries as well obviously these products are necessary and they are absolutely not a luxury Music honestly I think that you will get a really positive response I think that people will definitely be maybe a little weirded out and curious for sure all of those things like are a little bit uncomfortable for a lot of people but when you start highlighting it it creates so much room for increased understanding and awareness and it's just like we think it's so cool so it's about 10:00 p.m. on a Thursday and I just got my period surprised and that means that tomorrow Friday morning / the rest of Friday I'll be free bleeding I'm mostly just nervous and I'm mostly just feeling that kind of like pit of dread in my stomach like oh god you actually have to do this now okay so it's morning one of free bleeding today is gonna be weird I chose something more full-coverage just just for the heck of it it's kind of like choosing the soldiers that will go with you to defend Sparta against the Persians they're sure to die but you need your best men every time I've ever leaked through my pants or anything like that I have spent the rest of the day incredibly embarrassed so I'm trying to know that like I can do this and I won't want to crawl into a hole you'd arrived at work I'll put down my puppy pad ready to get some blood go in here if your period is anything like my end day two is the absolute worst it's gonna be a day it's also raining today but I assure you that water will not be the only thing that's flowing take a shower this morning and it kind of stops whoo we gotta wait for to kick back in and the trickle has started we haven't hit pad yet but I feel coming okay it's about 11:30 I've been checking there's still nothing on the pad I just went to the bathroom and my underwear is putting up its most valiant effort my underwear is absolutely stained Devin synched up with me she's also on her period it's Nikki Nikki are you excited that I'm free bleeding today it's really weirding me out a little bit actually that's actually why she came over at cause women to me it's been 2 hours and 10 minutes and we already made it through this is what day 2 of my period looks like I just rode in two overs on my way to check out apartments and luckily I did not stain the seats the ubers were driving and I was just like oh my god please no no no no we're done eating right now I have a blood sure my pants yet but I brought a pad rest in peace just to be seated here it was very nice chairs yeah you can see a ring honestly it's like with every step I just feel it all in there ok so it's about 3 p.m. and I have officially hit the pad all our glory I would say the worst part is this smell I decided to go for a little walk because the stench was sort of appearing is what I'd say so I just needed a sort of walk around see if I can air it out the only problem about that is standing up it's actually activated the bleeding a little bit more I'm about to do post interviews I will bleed through as I already have so we're just taking pre-emptive measures nice and settled in Wow it's.

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