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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 Trusts

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 Trusts

Almost everyone I know that dated people in the past before has at some point how to partner boyfriend/girlfriend that either cheated on him lied to them and it hurt them and the reason why that typically happens is because when we first start dating we're newer we're excited we're naive that's when we get cheated on that's why that's what somebody not this doesn't mean people are never going to lie to us again but we create this mechanism to create filters if there's a video that I want you to watch more than once this is the video let me tell you why in the world of business if you are not careful and you go into this thing thinking it's going to be all beautiful and exciting someone's going to cheat on your lights you take advantage you put you out of business take your money do all that stuff because there's a famous line in quote I want you to I want you to think about this year when a man with money meets a man with experience the man with the experience leaves with the money the man with the money leaves with the experience you do not want to be the man with the money that leaves with the experience with you lost all the money you want the experience and the money so no one can take advantage you and today I'm going to cover with you a couple of different things what I'm going to cover with your four levels of trust and so I'm going to cover with you seven different lies that people tell and by the way we all tell some sort of lies but what type of lies it it will break you down so when you go into business you'll be able to say oh my gosh I know exactly what's going on here and you'll be able to categorize people write down your business life in different levels so let me start on this side here first so trust who do you trust in business who should you trust in business should you trust everybody there's four levels of trust number one from the lowest level to the highest level what is the lowest level you've never done business with this person they don't have a track record you don't know them they're a stranger it's an absolute zero trust number two it's a person that comes with a resume maybe they've done well in the past before maybe somebody recommended them to you and it got a nice resume track record so your trust level four performance goes a little bit higher because they got a track record number three you trust this person now you don't trust them at the highest level but you trust this person because you've done some business with them in the past before and you know their level of performance so maybe they're not somebody they trust them what everything but you know they're going to go out and they're going to perform right it could be a teammate that you know I can count on this guy to come and train and they're going to perform I don't know for how long but I do know they're going to perform at this level then there's the highest level this I call a running mate a running mate mate or running mate generally here it's only one person let me tell you this one person is it's a person who calls and says hey Pat we got an opportunity here I need you to wire three hundred thousand dollars we're going to put into this company no problem okay call the banker that's a three hundred thousand dollars in this account done deal nothing but there's only one person like this not fifteen different people like this so if you got a list of seven people here too many very small maybe two three generally it's one possibly three the longer you run you got a solid lawyer where everybody's involved and it's like a limited partnership possibly yes but generally there's one person that calls and they say no problem by the way if you're thinking right now you're watching this video saying I don't have somebody at that level right now that's totally okay it took me a long time to find somebody at that level you're going to find somebody here overnight it's like somebody who forces to find a wife and they get a divorce so I somebody who forces to find a husband and they get a divorce you can't force this this kind of needs to happen because you need to get some people that hurt you a little bit you need to go through some black eye you need to get something good some brawls and some people with experience in yeah that needs to happen too because that's the only way your skin's going to really get you know thicker and by the way the more successful people you meet the higher the success they reach they trust less they don't trust more just so you know that this whole books you read you know motivation oh my gosh it's trust is what it's all about great this is here author's writing that stuff whoever ran businesses and their consultants I'm talking people who run businesses who are actually in the game that are getting killed hammered fights brawls behind closed doors Oh all of this stuff that happens there Trust goes here it's a fewer people they trust you need to get there at one point as well so these are the four levels so start exercising when you don't watching this video going to watch it again put people in these different categories matter of fact Mario why don't we make a PDF on this so people can go download I just thought about alright we're going to.

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