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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 2220 User

Instructions and Help about When Form 2220 User

And the Youtuber, this is Daniel Strong. With Excel VBA is fun, today we're going to talk a little bit about some easier ways to do data entry. In this instance, we have a desire to have some autocomplete options. To make our own custom autocomplete, whenever you have a list, and let's say you're typing things as you've typed them, if you hit the letter T on the next line, it autocompletes that for you. It's very useful. However, I recommend that whenever you're doing a lot of data entry, you have some lists already built up. And that you can use user forms to make this extremely fast. So let's go ahead and build. We've already built our lists here a little bit. We're going to name this list. I'm going to use a named range. You can name it or you can make a custom or dynamic named range that will keep expanding. So let's do that. All IND. If you don't know how to do this, you might want to check out my other videos on named ranges. But we're going to name this. This one or something like that. And we're going to say this list is based off of, excuse me, equals offset that, comma one column down, zero, or excuse me, one row down, zero columns over. And it's going to be based off of the count of that minus one to compensate for the title. And in this case, only one column wide. It's not multiple columns in that offset thing here. And then if you click the test, you see that it's dynamic. It grows. So if I put another one in here and I hit Alt IND for the name manager, I click here, it is expanded. So there's my...