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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Accounting

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Accounting

Two members of the lindenwood university table tennis team are back from participating and then Olympic Trials from Rio de Janeiro Lu TVs Emily Miller spoke with them and joins us in the studio Emily making it to the Olympic Trials is a career highlight for any athlete and for one of Linda would universities table tennis team member is a dream come true table tennis or better known as pink eye is one of the sports at Lindenwood University this team has plenty of talent as Austin price was able to attend the Olympic Trials in Greensboro North Carolina i'm here at the highland arena at lindenwood university with 20 members of the lindenwood table tennis team to qualify for the national competition and singles and doubles the trials was like experience I'll never forget it was very professional there was an Olympic Hotel there was transportation from the airport he was over on a credible experience and just to even be able to be a part of the trials was something to remember the Olympic Trials consists of 65 of the strongest table tennis athletes in the country during the trials two competitors range from 15 to 30 years old price has been playing table tennis since the age of three he learned from his father who was a national coach at the Olympic Center in Colorado Springs it stood be on the table when I was just like an infant and told me how to bounce the ball on my paddle and hold the racket and I've been playing ever since the ball speeds can reach up to 80 to 100 miles an hour and rotate at 300 revolutions per minute tennis ball the amount of spin you get from a balls about the amount of revolutions you would get from like a jet engine on an airplane Captain Gabriel Skolnick explains on how he prepares to different ways to practice you can practice with a whole bunch of balls and one person just hits the balls in rapid succession and the other person just gets the ball on the table or you can use a single ball and then you just try and keep the ball on the table to build up consistency then you can also do like match simulations where you play matches and work on specific things during the match National Women's Champion Chelsea edgehill from Guyana South America explains on how it felt to get a scholarship happy and yeah it's just like I was excited a great experience of great players because to work hard and never give up two players represented lady one University at the Olympic Trials however those two players did not make the Olympic team and will not be competing in Rio de Janeiro this summer for Ali TV news I'm Emily Miller.

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