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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 2220 Adjustment

Instructions and Help about Where Form 2220 Adjustment

Learn how to write APA format in Word in only four minutes the quick version begin with a blank Word document and set a consistent font type such as Times New Roman and size such as 12 now select the paragraph and set the line spacing to double your entire document should be double-spaced then remove the extra spacing that Microsoft adds by default after every paragraph now select layout and margins to ensure 1-inch margins on all sides now double-click at the top of the page and will create your running head select the different first page since the remaining pages will have a different running head type the words running head and a colon followed by your title in uppercase then tab to the right margin and will insert a page number we insert the page number at the cursors current position and in plain text now double clicking the page to exit the header and we'll change the alignment to Center to add your title your name and your institution space down approximately eight lines and insert your title in title case where all major words are capitalized on the first letter include your name and your institution which is the college or university you attend now insert a page break using page breaks allows text to flow but without spanning to the next page now double-click at the top of the next page and we'll create the second running head this does not contain the words running head so just type the title of your paper in capital letters tab to the right margin and again we insert a page number in its current position in plain text now double click to exit the header now type the title of your paper in title case and then select home and change the alignment back to the left margin use the tab key to indent the first line of your paragraph I recommend using the tab key to indent paragraphs rather than the paragraph setting for first line indent because any subsequent text you attempt to Center will be offset to the right by the size of the indent continue writing the content of your paper tabbing at the beginning of each paragraph when you've finished insert another page break and will create your references page on the references page change the alignment to Center by selecting home and Center then we'll type the word references and begin entering your references shift the alignment back to the left margin and select the paragraph setting first line indent will now be hanging which means the first line will be on the left margin and all remaining lines will be invented using hanging indent will automatically align all references as APA requires you can now correctly format a basic APA document these following slides are the steps that we followed if you'd like to pause and copy or screenprint them you this video was to help you quickly format for APA using word I hope it helps you watch for other videos on writing for APA.

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